Monday, May 21, 2012

No Such Thing as a Crony Capitalist

Think about this.  There is no such thing as a crony capitalist.  Why?  The minute there is a tie between the government and a business such that the business is protected from the free market in some way, then it is no longer capitalist.

Capitalism is "a social system based on the recognition of individual rights, including property rights, in which all property is privately owned."  (Rand, Capitalism the Unknown Ideal, 1966) To own is to have the right to the use and disposal of property.

When the government can tell you what to do with your property, then you are no longer the owner.  The government has the right to the use and disposal of it so it is the owner - no matter what your deed to the property says.  The government is happy for you to have the liabilities of owning the property without the benefits of owning it.  It likes deeds.  So much for justice.

When businesses are in bed with government - be it doctors who are licensed by the government so that the number of doctors is held down - or General Motors who is saved from bankruptcy and having to be accountable to those GM has obligated itself to, the principle is the same, those people and businesses are no longer willing or able to survive by the value they create.

A social/political system where value does not drive the system is a system for the government, not the people.  People cannot survive except by producing and trading value.  When the government controls that energy, that purpose, for its purpose, then to that degree, it deprives people of their energy for it.  This is some form of socialism.  They always say they are doing it for the people, but they are not willing to survive on that basis, so they lie.

The government loves to have some organizations look like businesses because that is part of how they maintain the lie.  The truth?  All of those would-be business are crony socialists.

The lesson to be taken away from this?  Never use the term crony capitalist again!  It's part of their lie.

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