Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why We Are in this Mess

Last week Thursday, February 2, I watched Glenn Beck on GBTV. Rabbi Lapin who appears intermittently on his show, was featured that day.

The Rabbi talked about the eternal questions of life and said that the religions originating in the Middle East are concerned with the answer to those questions. He gave his answer for what the "not him" secularists are up to and I added what a rational man is up to.

What I noticed right away about the religionist and the secularists, according to the Rabbi, is their concern for the "not this" life. And it is their answers to those irrelevant questions that run them and shape their choices now. And, in a nutshell, that is why we are in a mess.

If you want a mess on your hands, make sure you are trying to answer and live for the "not this." That will do it every time. Nothing can clear up until you get that "this is it." This is life - right now, right here.

Beyond the obvious answer to "where we come from" why not let the scientists answer that question? And beyond the obvious answer to "where we go" why not let the scientists answer that question too?

So what would it look like if we weren't worried about whether other people believed as we do and simply created values which we used for ourselves and to trade freely with other people in order to live? What would happen if we just got on with living?

After all, that's all that is really going on - and that is not made up nor is it about the "not this." It always amazes me that I can get myself in an uproar over something someone on TV said and then go outside, meet my neighbor and have a quite civil conversation. With my neighbor, I'm always in a trading mode and we work it out so he doesn't step on me nor me on him. Why isn't the attitude at the larger scale?

Oh, now I remember, I operate observing people's individual rights. When we operate from fear, we stop doing that. And if we are trying to maintain a fiction as to why we are here, where we are going and what we ought to do in between, then there has to be an awful lot of fear that ends up running things. Isn't that sufficient to explain the mess we are in?

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