Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Biggest Lie

Last night, Obama gave us the ultimate lie - placing him in the category of Hitler - the biggest lie possible to tell Americans. He justified collectivism - "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need" - with all his moral ammunition (it's right, it's fair) and called it "All American."*

If you believe this and allow it to happen, you will have no choice but be reduced to beggar and perhaps, cannon fodder. (Oh yes, there will always be pretenders.) Obamacare, if allowed to stand, will make this real for many of us. You may be forced to give your diamond ring for medicine or a procedure for your husband, your child, your parent or yourself. And when you do, there will be no guarantee you will not be giving it to a crook who sees there is money to be made from these bribes. Read "From each according to his ability to each according to his need" for a play-by-play of how society unfolds once it no longer honors the individual and forces everyone to honor the collective. (For the New Intellectual by Ayn Rand, hb, p121. - this excerpt is from Atlas Shrugged.)

What is the nature of this evil? The essential evil is that man is blocked from using his mind for producing what he needs to live - by the standard of his own life which is fueled by his values. Evil demands he live for the collective. And because of that single thing, he no longer cares to build anything. He turns into a slacker and doesn't give a shit. Morality means nothing because there is no practical application for it. At that point he gives up and accepts the system, but, he may not work to forward it.

If he accepts the system and works to rise in it, he becomes a cannibal, living off the moral energy of his fellow man. That is, he lives off the people who still believe that collectivism is valid and produce some kind of believable evidence for that possibility. When that runs out, it is every man for himself as the society is reduced to complete cynicism. Man finds himself trapped.

Although he still tries to live for himself because he is designed such, he loses himself because it is the collective's requirements that he internalizes. The connection between his own life's energy which are his individual values and why he does what he does is severed. He's thwarted at every turn. This propels him to an alternative: he is forced to dominate or be dominated, eat or be eaten. To even consider living for himself produces intense anxiety and so he's at risk of the whim of the dictator to be used as he sees fit - ala Guyana or Mao's Wars or Hitler's Wars or Stalin's mass murders, etc.

When will you get that Obama is without doubt an evil con man, a man of the lie.** We have to fight the menace he is perpetrating with every moral argument and every ounce of energy we have . It's now or never for America. I don't think there is any doubt that Obama and company will attempt to reduce America to a totalitarian state. Already he cares nothing for the Constitution and as far as he is concerned, his will, and the narrative which is getting so thin that it is worthless, is all that matters. Some of the paragraphs in his State of the Union Speech are unintelligible, so self-contradictory that if reason has any place in your mind, you might think Obama has devolved to a state of insanity. (I read where he was angry and narcissistic toward Governor Brewer of AZ because she was not cordial to Obama in her book about Arizona's situation. That is a man who is seriously run by personal issues and his will, and marks a "leader" who has lost any sense of purpose that involves the real problems that are to be solved. Whether one is cordial or not is not an argument for or against a particular result unless one is operating in the world of dominate or be dominated.) 2013 could be that year because that is when Obamacare comes into play, doctors will be quitting in droves and lots of things will come apart at the seams.

*Thanks to Robert Villegas for facilitating this condensation.
**See Scott Peck's book, People of the Lie, a study of evil.

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