Friday, October 14, 2011

Politicians, the New Criminal Class

We are coming to a new realization in America: Politicians comprise the new Criminal Class. They decide everything about our lives from what we shall eat, how we use our property and how we shall spend our time. Apparently, all they care about is how to loot us for their purposes. Their rhetoric is the con's front which always proves to be a lie in the end. Even Michelle who advocates the right foods, takes every opportunity to stuff her face with French fries.

Apparently they take glee in impoverishing and disenfranchising their own people. Every success of theirs and their cronies is at our expense (Solyndra, e.g.) and they show no remorse for their heinous acts. They cultivate an alternate universe, oblivious to citizen violation and pain, much, most?, of which is because of them.

The idiots now are those who think they will now or ever could benefit from this criminal activity. All of these are now accessories to the crimes. They provide the complicity required to keep them in existence. When you see someone who argues for the politicians and holds out the hope that one of them will somehow save us from this scourge, you are talking to a person who can justify criminal actions.

This current state of affairs must now drive itself off the cliff, maybe taking liberty with it for 100, 200, 500 years.

If you notice, the thing that has the politician = the criminal is that he can tell you what to do with your property - all of it, from your body to your extra-body possessions. He does so with the threat of taking if from you, even your life itself. He has no right by nature to do this. Even if he has been granted that right in some measure by some people, that does not make it right with what life requires. Man-made documents and agreements are always subject, ultimately, to the laws of reality. It is this fact and the acceptance of this fact that has the politician be a criminal and advocate criminality. He does not check reality to make sure he is true to that and thus true to what life requires. He willfully departs from reality allowing, even encouraging, man to cannibalize man.

For the politician to become, for the first time in history, a man of honor, he will have to give up usurping individual rights. He will have to be a protector of every man's individual rights. No man can be entitled to live off the body and work of another man except by the agreement of that man. The honorable politician protects as a first principle, every human life's right to his life - at, by nature, the expense of no one else.

For this to happen on a consistent basis, there must be the separation of the economy from the state.

The role for a legitimate state is to protect individual rights. That's it. Every activity which it takes on must be for this purpose and must always prove that it is for this purpose. The army protects our borders because it is protecting the citizens-of-this-country's right to live their lives.

Even paying for the government's activities has to be voluntary. In other words, the government provides services - police, courts and a militia to protect the people's individual rights - and their value is such that citizens would want to pay for them. For example, the right to use the government's court would follow from paying a fee whenever you created and registered a contract with the government for future potential adjudication. The same principle of the government earning its money based on the value it offers would apply to every individual-rights-protecting service the government offers.

A lot of people think my position is ridiculous and not within the realm of possibility. "Government is always going to be this way," they say. They are telling me, in so many words, they will put up with a thief living in their house (which he is, you know), so long as they don't have to think about and work out a new system that honors individual rights. My answer? "May you rot in the hell of your own making. For me, I'm not interested."

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