Saturday, October 8, 2011

The ESSENCE of Evil and the ESSENCE of Good

A man has to CREATE to get from a need of his, which is asserted by his life asserting itself (the thing that life does since life is a self-generating, self-sustaining process), to the value that satisfies that need and sustains his life. He can only do this if he chooses to do it. To live, a man must create value.

The antithesis of creating value, the ESSENTIAL GOOD, is to be a VICTIM of the circumstances of one's life. THE ESSENTIAL EVIL, the first evil on which all others depend, as it were, is to cause being a victim and discourage being a creator of value in oneself or another. One can cause being a victim by acting to have a person think he is a victim since if a person thinks he is a victim, then he will act out of that mindset. (Running a guilt trip on oneself or another is an example of this kind of action.)

If someone is downtrodden, be it oneself or another, because life is not going well for them, what there is to do is "get that" but not add mass to it. If the victim story goes nowhere with you, the "victim" will either go elsewhere looking for sympathizers or his mind will shift to creating something.

We are never in both of these places at one time. It is like the picture of the vase and the two faces. You can see one or the other.

Now check out Obama. He dwells in blame. Blame automatically means that he is the victim of some other person's actions - Bush, economic situation, Republicans, Tea Party, big oil, Beck, Limbaugh, typical white people, Jews, people holding on to their money, anyone that is either under the bus or he wants under the bus. He thinks we will have sympathy for him and not hold him responsible. (He's counting on our coming from or adopting a victim mindset. For those of us who don't go there, his blaming demonstrates his powerlessness and if we were to go there, we would adopt powerlessness too.)

Obama loves sob stories. Nothing is more perfect for him than to parade before us a miserable, downtrodden person who finds himself in difficult circumstances to have us commiserate with him, keeping him luxuriating in his "victimhood" and us dwelling in the misery of the situation. Because this is such an anti-human-dignity display, we often feel embarrassed for the person.

It is this support of the worst among us and within us that is putrid about Obama. For him to like you, you have to have the biggest and ugliest warts. You can't have a spine and be responsible. Nothing can add up and produce a real result. See Solyndra and a number of other numbskull projects - like Cash for Clunkers, e.g. How many of his speeches boil down to asking us to hate somebody - the rich, Wall Street, bankers, the Tea Party, Republicans... Who could stand to be around such a person? And, to be this evil, this negative, he can only act arrogantly, otherwise he would realize he is a worm too. Is it no wonder we see this picture of him? Obama is a sick man.

And all of this is why Obama will not be our President come November 2012. If we elect him again, it will be because we are mired in this essential evil ourselves - and I refuse to believe that. Americans, in the main, are too grounded in reality and what life requires, to buy this. We know the government as provider is not the answer to anything. It won't be there to hold our hand. We are not haters. Mostly, we create and trade.

Rather than offer government solutions to everything, which require dependency and maintain us as a victim, whoever runs against Obama needs to encourage creation of value in every way he can. How you do this is to affirm people's values that motivate them to work and create their lives. You safeguard individual rights; you safeguard property; and you safeguard the country that is home to individuals who have the right to their lives.

It ought to be easy to defeat Obama. A society, just as a life, cannot run on being a victim. We are tired of this odor (you can guess what that is). I don't think Americans hate themselves enough to reelect him. And I think plenty of people know that as long as we are creating value, life is good.

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