Friday, July 15, 2011

Why Obama has the Republicans by the Short Hairs

Obama knows that the Republicans cannot vote to raise taxes, so why does he demand they do so? My answer? He thinks he has them by the short hairs.

How so?

He stands squarely on and counts on this culture's moral principle which has governed her since the turn of the 20th century.

So long as he stands there, he forces Republicans to argue economics. If someone-you-love's life is in danger, will you not act because you look at your bank account and decide you can't afford it? No. You would do whatever you could to save the life of the person you love. But, Obama will work to convince the American people that the Republicans will always look at their bank account first when it comes to doing the "right thing" for people and the Republicans are unable to challenge Obama's version of the "right thing."

The United States is fundamentally a Christian nation - not in the sense that Christianity is the official religion - but rather that the values of the Judeo-Christian worldview and morality have and still influence this culture. In that worldview, a person is expected to sacrifice himself for another. The story of Abraham and Isaac is the story of God requiring Abraham to place his life in God's hands. God tests Abraham by instructing him to sacrifice his son, Isaac, to show that he is, in fact, obedient to God. Abraham is committed to being obedient to God so he builds an altar, lays his son Isaac on it and raises the ax high to deliver the killing blow. God stops him. Abraham proved his loyalty God, the higher moral authority.

The principle of self-sacrifice is amplified in the New Testament in the Sermon on the Mount. We have all gotten the message. So now when the government comes along and wants to provide health care for all citizens, they rightly and righteously provide us the opportunity to fulfill on this moral dictum. In fact everything they come up with provides us this opportunity, they think.

It is this principle of sacrifice to someone higher - not choosing something because it is a more important value to oneself - but giving up something more important for something less important (the definition of sacrifice) since whatever was deemed as more important was done so not by the person himself, but someone who has substituted himself and become his moral authority.

This principle began in American political life a little over a hundred years ago. Now we are trying to survive in an orgy of self-sacrifice.

Obama now needs to be delivered the coup de grace and put him and us out of our misery from trying to live this contradiction against life. He needs to be told publicly that the moral dictum that he is counting on - that one help his neighbor not because he values him (if he does) but because he has a duty to sacrifice to him - is over. It is inconsistent with life and must end.

When America was founded, it was founded on the idea that every man has a life and it is his by right - to be used by no one other than him. Human life in the United States of America is to be an end in itself. Why? Because reality shows us that life is an end in itself. It seeks to live and that is its basic purpose. This is the revolutionary idea that generated America. Millions of people have come here to live free to pursue their lives.

Obama though, is proudly invoking sacrifice. He doesn't care if the economy is wrecked by higher taxation. He doesn't care about anything that happens to America nor himself nor you. He lies boldly in service of his purpose - to institute self-sacrifice in America.

He loves and revels in using your moral code against you. He wants to see you twisting in the wind as you are unable to save yourself because you cannot cut the cord of the false moral code.

Obama is interested in collecting sacrifices. He doesn't sacrifice, he thinks. He doesn't grasp how he is sacrificing his life because his moral code has blinded him. This is what keeps him disconnected and arrogant, and why he needs so many rounds of golf. He cares about using the morality of sacrifice to keep you under his control and "fundamentally transform America."

And he will do it and is doing it because no one will challenge this moral code - the moral code of Abraham. So rather than fulfilling the promise that America is for human being, Obama chooses to institute sacrifice and end up having everyone hate each other because everyone else has a claim on his life. This is inhumane beyond belief, a back-to-the-dark-ages mentality and yet that is the principle that will keep the Republicans under Obama's control.

Who will be the first to stand up to this? Who will be the first in this era to stand for the POSSIBILITY that America is in the history of humanity? Who is willing to take on all the lies and mis-attributions to liberty and capitalism, the economy of the free? Who will carry the principles of liberty further than ever, showing that man when free becomes responsible and life works? Who will show that society gets taken care of when the individual is honored and otherwise it doesn't. Who will be the first to demand solutions that grant every man the right to his life - to live by his own self-interest so that he can thrive to the best of his ability? Who will be the first to see that man does not need regulation - that he is self-regulating by his own rational self-interest? And, that maybe, just maybe, government is only needed to stop the people who infringe on others' lives and property. How much more proof of the failure of socialism do we need? How much bigger idiot does a Republican have to become?

Give it up. Stop this charade for power!


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The truth is that both parties are Statist who work to retain their power over us, the people. Just yesterday I saw this link - - which showed that in 2006, every single Senate Democrat including Obama voted against raising the debt ceiling. This tells me this "fight" is a power struggle between two factions of Statists. It is not about America and her purpose as a country, otherwise both could agree that the debt ceiling should not be raised.

If we are to correct this horrendous problem, two things, I think, must happen. First, the economy must be separated from the State. The State shall have nothing to say about what is happening in the economy - which is another way of saying that the State shall have nothing to say about how you pursue your life. It shall not issue money - a definite downfall of the State.

To do this, it cannot regulate, it cannot tax. Both are instruments of coercion which are corruptible. The government must be able to exist by earning its value with the American people day after day and it cannot, in principle, violate the rights of any man by forcing his mind or taking his right to use and dispose of his property. Doing such, when a man committed no crime other than to exist, is such a violation. To regulate a man is to create him a criminal upon arising from his night's sleep - every day of his life. This is hideous and beyond redemption. It must be stopped.

The government has a valid purpose, but clearly it is moving so far away from it that it will have to be rediscovered. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were man's first attempt at constructing a government of, by and for free men. We must have learned something in 230 years and surely we can construct a system which is not so easily corrupted.