Monday, July 18, 2011

The Administration that Ran Aground on Envy

All the inspiration that was present at the start of the Obama Administration is now gone. All that are left are the partisan hangers-on and most likely they will continue to hang on.

What happened?

I say this President ran aground on envy. Envy is the fundamental and core belief that the world is unjust and that this injustice must be corrected - at all costs. For people dominated by envy, some people have money and power and others don't and that simply isn't fair. (I wonder if this idea comes from the Garden of Eden story? There everything was provided and since in real life it isn't, they are pissed. They keep thinking this reality is somehow just not right nor just. And, as long as that exists anywhere in the world, those with the money and power are to be hated and taken down. You can hear it in the speaking of Obama's Aunt Zeituni. She sees American welfare as a duty and so does our President. Ayn Rand defined envy "the hatred of the good for being the good."

That, my friends, is the essence of the Obama Administration. He exhibits it on every front.

He exhibits it in our foreign policy where he arbitrarily gives to our enemies and withdraws support of our friends. (Honest to God, I have some Jewish friends who are so liberal they would vote for Obama if he were building Auschwitz on property adjacent to theirs. That's another story.) He exhibits it in his treatment of business, stealing people's property and dictatorially handing it over to his voter constituency, the unions. He arbitrarily lets blacks get away with crimes that he would never allow for whites so he doesn't treat all Americans equal under the law. He rails against Wall Street and big business to induce guilt for producing value so he can loot their value and our value. He destroys his own value by openly lying. What could have a man be so anti-human life that he sneers at the good and creates a distraction while he plunders the good (your money, your belief in him, your good will) which he wants. This is the criminal mind at work. See here.

Frederic Douglas said it best as to why this Administration has run aground: "A man, at times, gets something for nothing, but it will, in his hands, amount to nothing." It has built its constituency on those that will amount to nothing. They do not have their hands on the levers and dials of producing value and because they don't, essentially they are parasites - in the material sense and in the spiritual sense, getting high on hope not solid plans. (Here's an example of getting high on hope.) They can only exist as long as their host, the vital producers, will support them. Their time is running out.

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