Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why The Conservatives Are Such Losers

The Conservatives are losers because they do not and cannot stand for America. Simple as that.

What is America? America is a country founded on the idea that everyone is an individual. The Conservatives/Republicans always appeal to us as if the group is primary, exactly the same thing that the liberals, communists, socialists, theocrats, Democrats and monarchs do. So what is really going on is that they pretend to be for America and what it is founded on, and yet we all know in our heart of hearts that they can't stand there - that they will cave when the going gets rough.

The Neocons and RINOs are blatantly country first, you second. You are expected to sacrifice for the greater good. But, in the final analysis so are a lot of Americans. How do I know this? Because they, like Beck as an example and who I admire for his integrity and his intelligence, appeal to God at some level as the ultimate authority. When a man wants to use God as the ultimate reason rather than either showing me the facts or heading me in a productive direction with a good question so I can determine a reason to act for myself, I don't trust him. When a man ought to be looking at reality to figure out what is going on and he runs to God, I think he's likely available for any faux-authority who claims to know.

Of course we as men get to the end of our knowledge. But then we need to start asking the questions that extend us into the areas we don't know so that eventually we can know. The God talk doesn't ring true to me. I hear it as a cop-out, a kind of laziness. If what is meant is that the factors that one identifies are sufficiently complex that I cannot know or predict an outcome, then say so.

But, and this is their fallacy, in America every individual is his own final authority whether he's willing to accept that or not. Until this gets clear, America is going to hang on by a thread and will ultimately lose to the bold, confident, clear-headed collectivists. They have no problem fighting for their view of how societies ought to be organized. They think they have every right to rule you, you idiot.

The only doctrine that will save America is that of Individual Rights. Every man is an end in himself, not the means to any other person's or group's ends. If the Conservatives and Republicans want to start winning, they will get this fundamental point straight. They need to develop a theory of governance based on this truth. Once they begin asserting themselves based on this truth, we will stop feeling lied to, betrayed, and essentially told to go piss up a rope!

The quality of life that is missing is moral vitality. It is a quality that only appears in individuals. America unleashed and nourished it for a while. Now it is killing it. Collectivists always kill it.

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