Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What Obama is Counting On

O'Reilly of Fox News interviewed President Obama before the Super Bowl game on Sunday. The take-away quote of the article here is this:
"But he [says O'Reilly] has a vision of himself that you’re not going to blow him out of that vision. You’re just not going to do it.”
I interpret this to mean that Obama is confident of his moral base and that enough people hold the same moral base to insure his carrying out his redistributionist/socialist agenda. He knows (in his heart of hearts) that even though businessmen will argue with him they do not have a moral leg to stand on. He is right. End of story.

"Atlas Shrugged" and the whole direction of human history (especially since the Enlightenment and the industrial revolution) embracing the value of the individual mind proves him wrong. There will come a day of rude awakening for Obama when he realizes he holds an empty bag with "ignorance" graffitied on it. He not only is ignorant of this fact of human life, he must cultivate the ignorance upon which his power depends.

In this blog, I point out how the Obama mind is pre-Enlightenment which translates to unrewarded rationality at best and destructive anti-rationality at worst. This alone is going to have him friendly with pre-Enlightenment mentalities. Who would those be? Hmmm.

The lie in Obama is that he cannot live true to his words. He lives by a double moral standard - asking us to sacrifice for the greater good and the undeserving man while he lives high on the hog. As a friend said, "Obama and Michelle say, 'Save money, stop being extravagant, eat healthy, don't get fat, be concerned about the little guy, etc.' Meanwhile they vacation in luxury, eat junk food, spend money like there's no tomorrow and hobnob with the rich and famous." We know "Do as I say, not as I do" to be the mantra of the hypocrite.

That Obama is a true believer tells us how removed from reality he really is. He truly is a "Don't bother me with the facts" kind of guy.

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Here is Obama openly and confidently calling for redistribution. This is an example of him being supremely morally confident.