Friday, October 1, 2010

Letter to Herman Cain, WSB 750 Atlanta

Dear Herman Cain,

Thank you for your work. I listen to you often – especially when driving in the evening.

I heard you tonight interview a Republican Congressional candidate running against John Lewis. You mentioned that you have interviewed other candidates including those for Governor. Are you interested in interviewing candidates for Lieutenant Governor? I know one who is raising the issue that no one else is raising.

What issue, you ask? Individual rights.

We have economic problems, yes we do. But our problems are not really economic, they are moral. The thing driving all of these economic problems is a deeper issue, a moral issue. As a society we have embraced a moral principle which does not work. It is impractical and cannot work. And unless we root out that principle we are doomed to die. Root out that principle and we will heal ourselves and move ahead to a thriving, success-driven America once again.

The moral principle which does not work is “you shall be your brother’s keeper.” With the government enacting laws for this purpose, “helping our neighbor” is not a matter of choice depending on our own purposes and resources. Now we are FORCED to provide for our brother at the point of a gun. The government takes what it wants of everything we earn. We have been turned into slaves, like it or not. And I sure as hell don’t like it, Herman.

We are expected to sacrifice our lives rather than thrive and prosper in our lives.

The Democrats and politicians of all stripes think that they sit atop a production machine that is an endless supply of wealth. They are mistaken. When they take the fruits of our labors, what they don’t bargain for is that they eviscerate our motive for labor. They cut us off from the “why” of our actions, and it is the “why” that ties our actions to our life energy. I’m not saying this, Herman, out of spiteful anger. All social experiments, i.e., top down dictums of this kind, require sacrifice and they have all failed. The severance of a man from his motor is the reason.

At this point in time, the fact that we would want to live our own lives, thrive and succeed is seen as evil incarnate. That horrible human impulse must be controlled, they say.

When we conquer the idiocy of this dictum and find another way to express our desire to help our neighbor – like, in the case of the government, protect the individual rights of every man so that he can live as full a life as he is able, and in the case of the individual, help those if you can and think appropriate, who you value for your life – we will at last have stepped into the possibility of a free society.

I’m sure you get my point. I’ve listened to you enough to know that you do get this.

And, the only candidate who I know who understands this and advocates it is Dan Barber. He is running for Lieutenant Governor of the State of Georgia on the Libertarian ticket. If you are interested in an interview of Lieutenant Governor candidates, I would be happy to get the two of you connected.

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Joanna Davidovich said...

Great letter- I hope Herman takes it to heart!