Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where Are We This Fall in America?

I think the thing America has yet to get is that we have been taken over and are being directed by an enemy within comprised largely of “non-American” beings who see her as nothing except to dominate and loot. The philosophy of the rest of the world, and some Americans even, is dominate or be dominated. America has been the beacon of the trader principle - that we can each pursue our own ends and in the process of trading, be bound together into a whole where we can find or create what we need to live our lives.

When I say "non-Americans," who I'm thinking of are people who may be citizens but who do not identify themselves as individuals, i.e., the American principle, in their soul. I’ve run into immigrants who do not get the soul of Americans. (On the other hand, I’ve run into many who know perfectly well who America is and her soul, her organizing principle, is theirs.)

In particular I am thinking of Obama and Soros as two prominent non-Americans, two men who ruthlessly feast on domination as their life blood. A free trader limits his domination to peaceful competition focusing on his own perfection and thereby keeping open the avenues for further trade. A "dominator,” as the determinant of his soul, is a killer. He stalks and drains the blood of his enemies. The best at his craft are dressed in sheep's clothing appearing to carry out his enemy’s own moral principles; stealth in plain sight.

(Notice how Obama invokes America's Declaration of Independence or the Bible whenever he needs to keep us in check and people don't believe him. He doesn’t show us these ideals are HIS ideals. In other words, he's a fraud. Same with Soros and his humanitarianism. Soros funds “humanitarian” organizations except they all are directed to undermining America’s pro-human-life ideals, not humanitarian as I see it.)

This leaves us either to check our premises and determine whether our moral ideals are correct (something not many people are willing to do) or fight for a moral principle which ensures our demise. As a country, we find ourselves stretched on the horns of this dilemma. Do I (and America) pursue a rational, self-interested course where I have the right to my life and my happiness, or do I (and she) think that making sure my neighbor is fed is more important? Do I (and America) think that moral ideals must, by necessity, be voluntary or can they be forced upon me (us)? (Remember Obama does his work with the gun. He isn't even pretending to carry out the people's will. He's doing that which is GOOD for us - against our will – hence his insufferable moralizing and arbitrary dictates.) Does America let our tall poppies rise and point the way or does she cut them off to make sure they are all even, Chinese Olympics style?

America is in crisis - at a tipping point. We know this. I say we FIRST get clear WHAT (as opposed to who) the enemy is. NEXT, WHO is enacting the enemy's program? Move them out of here. (I think exile may be the best expression: “We erred; these ideas don’t work for this country.”) This election will tell the story. It, however, may not be revealed by the election results. The people's values cannot be perfectly translated into political representatives. But the real story will be in there somewhere.

The ultimate leaders are those who get us clear which ideas are the enemy (actually human life’s enemy) and which ideas provide our values (those which provide for human life given that human beings exist as individuals). Then they show us who is working for the enemy and who is working for our values. We can do the rest.

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