Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Taxes Should Be Cut - But Not for the Wealthy!

And what, Mr. President, did we, the people, get from this pronouncement?

Speaking for no one but myself, I got that it doesn't pay to succeed - to be wealthy. I got that you seek to punish the wealthy even though they are in a position to be the most helpful for the economy to recover and thrive.

I got that if a person creates jobs - which the wealthy with money to invest do - he will be punished. Only those who do not generally create jobs should be rewarded with tax cuts.

Now, tell me, Mr. Obama, what is wrong with this picture? If you say "nothing," then what ARE you up to?



I conclude Obama hates prosperity in our general economy. I further conclude he loves having stuff only when you and I don't have it. This is envy as motive. Envy = "I hate you or I must dominate you because you have X." Doesn't evil come in pretty packages?

My hope is that his power and position leave him bereft because how he is relating to it is ultimately empty. This is his lesson to learn. What it will take for him to see this, I don't know. I guess it will have to be cataclysmic as he appears extraordinarily dense.


Are Obama's supporters saying his rhetoric is getting too close to home? The economy, after all, is an integrated total, stupid!