Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque - the Final Answer

My Final Answer, the one to end this discussion, regarding the fate of the Ground Zero mosque:

"The United States Government re-declares its purpose to protect the individual rights of the people of the United States of America. There shall be no competition with this purpose inside the borders of this country. Sharia Law, which arrogates unto itself the right to determine the life, death and punishments of people living inside the borders of the United States is illegal.

"The Mosque at Ground Zero then, if it wants a home in the United States, shall align itself with the purpose of this government and protect, not violate the rights of the citizens of the United States in accordance with our laws. Failure to do so will result in its immediate shut down and the prosecution of all parties who commit crimes."

Including blocking the streets!

And this every Friday in New York City no less!

Islam is not a good neighbor. None of this by some outside religion would be possible in the countries where they dominate. They use the peaceful methods of Ghandi and MLK in service of jihad just as they use women and babies as shields in battle. When the West can overcome its horror at their methods, their power will be snapped like a twig.



The following quote is by Edward Cline and appeared in his article, "The Fatal Links of Servitude." It can be found at

"Of all the religions I detest -- and oppose as an observer and critic, not as an obsessed proselytizer -- I detest Islam the most, because of its totalitarian nature (of governing every aspect of one's life and thinking, as Christianity did in the Dark and Middle Ages, up until the Enlightenment); because of its endless checklist of disparate, arbitrary imperatives both banal and belligerent; because its "prophet" was a barbarian, who, besides his belief in faith or force, is a personification of some unattractive personal characteristics which past and present Islamic theologians do not deny existed; and because its deity, Allah, is perhaps a worse psychopathic being than Jehovah of the Old Testament."


"Islam is not merely a religion, as many people seem to think: Islam is mainly a political ideology." Geert Wilders, Berlin speech, Oct 2, 2010.


The Incontrovertible Dead-End of Islam by Ed Cline.