Friday, May 14, 2010

Obama the Petulant

Later, at a Democratic fund-raising speech in Manhattan, Obama was blistering in his criticism of Republicans who are poised to pick up seats against Democratic majorities in November elections for the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate.

Obama said Republicans have "done their best to gum up the works" and said they generated much of the country's fiscal deficit that they now complain about.

"Their basic attitude has been, if Democrats lose, we win. After they drove the car in the ditch, made it as difficult as possible for us to pull it back, now they want the keys back. No. They can't drive. We don't want to have to go back in the ditch," he said.

It seems unbelievable that he would say something like this. This is a petulant 2 year old's behavior. He's not going to look good when it doesn't go his way and, guess what, it isn't his say as to who drives the car.

Obama lives in a victim's world where everything is personal and it is all about winning at all costs. When the Republicans go against him, it's personal - not that they don't agree with his ideas. Obama holds no principles - and by principles I mean holds a valid view of reality, a valid view of how the world works. He is truly a postmodern president and he thinks that what he says IS reality. Then he gets angry when people don't buy it. He thinks it is his fault that he has not said it enough times or that he hasn't said it in the right way to be clear enough. He cannot tap into people's listening. He doesn't get that concept. Instead, he shows everyone the fallacy of postmodern philosophy and his presidency will be the end of that philosophy as an influence.

Further, his presidency will end the Democratic Party as we know it. An entire generation of Democrats will be thrown under the bus as the rank and file search for a new formulation of what a Democrat is. His presidency will be very hard on the Ivy League schools who willingly turn out graduates like Obama, graduates schooled in arcane philosophy and moral theory cut off from the nature of people and how they operate. And if Obama is any indication, the graduates are without a capacity to produce results that make a real and positive difference. They apparently are so inflated with their elite status that they are unable to hear people and their concerns.

Obama's presidency may make it hard for other blacks to get heard until they prove themselves in some way. Affirmative Action will have lost any luster it once had because Obama holding the highest office in the land has ended the matter of Affirmative Action's value. Blacks will have to measure up because there is going to be a new assertion of wanting results, not easing of one's conscious or some other beside-the-point purpose. (The collapse of the global warming cause is also part of this.) I think the media are going to take a big hit out of this presidency because they have been exposed as giving us little protection against this catastrophic leadership. They have also been caught up in postmodern madness.

Finally and most important, the government itself is going to take a huge hit. This could be anywhere from the people elected to the structure of the bureaucracy and its functions. It wouldn't surprise me to see pressure to reduce government salaries back to below private pay. There are going to be many changes. And many have been due to happen. The Obama presidency is the catalyst.

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