Monday, May 10, 2010

Crony Capitalism - The Mainstay of Our Fascist State

As Obama gobbles up entire sectors of business for his socialist/European-style state - which, incidentally, is getting a new hearing with Greece's collapse - he's engaging in crony capitalism full blast. The ordinary man will soon not have a chance, as it will be political pull at every level of society that will determine one's fate. Government meddling in the economy through regulation and controls/ownership of all and myriad kinds is THE PRESCRIPTION for a failed state as the state gets focused on the wrong kinds of activities. People have not seen it yet, but all of the European countries are failed states judged by the standard of the job that a state ought to do and is not doing. America was the first state put on a rational foundation such that it was possible for it to succeed. One thing wrong with it from a powerluster's point of view: There is no avenue via which to loot the citizenry.

At this point in America's history, it is a failure. Whether there is enough power left in the structure of the Constitution for us (the people) to assert ourselves to get back on the right track hangs in the balance.

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