Sunday, July 5, 2009

Why Are Things Upside Down?

[I posted this comment on the Ann Althouse website where she was taking on Maureen Dowd for blasting Palin.]

If you go to a basketball, football or baseball game, you go to see the game. You don't go to see the referees.

The government is supposed to be in the background making sure the players, the individuals in society, are playing the game according to the rules. Government only makes sense as a background activity.

Now the government is a foreground activity. Everything revolves around it. It changes the rules and the score at whim - whatever it wants to do, thinking only of itself, not its purpose.

Of course, MDowd is attracted to this reversal. The government is where the bullies hang out. They love it. And bullies are not nice nor fun people. Few like them, not even the other bullies.

Who wants to play on any team that gets jerked around in this way? Not me.

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