Monday, May 11, 2009

Understanding Obama and What to Do About Him

For your information, I took down this post advocating ridicule of Obama.

I don't like ridicule either and am not good at constructing it or delivering it. I see it as an act of dehumanization which means it is an act of war.

From what I see, Obama is at war - with us, the people of America. And he is slick in the way he talks such that he is getting away with it. If you want to hear someone analyze how he gets by with this, watch this.

I see America as a battered wife. Obama goes abroad and apologizes for our bad behavior. He cavorts with the "bad people" and says that morally this is the right thing to do. He comes home and throws his weight around, forcing people to his will regardless of rationality and the systems in place for achieving that. Then he turns nice and wants to take care of us when we are sufficiently weak and demoralized. We want to love him. We try. We keep hoping. And the cycle continues.

Imagine that you were with your father outside the home (I use this metaphor because Obama is dictating how things go at home like he is the all powerful father) and the first thing out of his mouth, after a couple pleasantries, bows and fist-bumps, is an apology for your behavior. OK. How would you feel? Ashamed? Angry? Disrespected? When we get back home he gets out the strap and forces or threatens to force you to his dictates. You haven't done anything wrong. You've just been a normal child. If you had done something wrong, you could understand it, but this plainly makes no sense.

Obama is using force all over the place. There is no rational excuse for his behavior. It is criminal and he dehumanizes businessmen and thinks he can do anything he wants, give some "cockamamie" reason for it and it is OK. It is not OK. For this reason, he deserves no quarter and however people want to fight him is not something I am going to blame them for.

On the other hand, since we are where we are, it is ideas that are going to have to be advocated, so long as it is possible to advocate them, for there to be a change in the minds and then the actions of the American people. For this reason, I do not want to see Obama martyred because it would likely mean that his ideas would become something that they aren't. Along with his current godlike status, the ideas he advocates which - to those who want to blithely believe him - are Christ-like in their supposed goodness. You and I know they produce the opposite effect.

I think we are at a juncture, a tipping point, in history. The issue is the advocacy of the group vs. the advocacy of the individual. Further I think Yaron Brook (at the video link above) is right in that it is the underlying moral issue of self-sacrifice vs. self-interest that has to be challenged. And the battle for the mind of man must be won in favor of his individual right to use it. I hope that Obama is the means for the resolution of this battle.

And the above is on a good day - even a moderate day. On a bad day, it is war.


principlex said...
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Robert said...

Well, he will be the means for resolving it in favor of government gangsterism. Obama's war is with the Constitution. Look at everything he is doing, not what he is saying and it reflects that he is trying to discredit the Constitution. He wants to bring us to a crisis point where he can unilaterally declare that the Constitution has failed and it is no longer able to protect us. He will then impose his new Constitution based on money laundering, gangsterism and control of our industrial infrastructure. The solution to the problem? Sacrifice which means discrimination against those of intelligence and ability in favor of Obama and his friends.