Saturday, May 9, 2009

President Dwarfs Liberty

This comment is not about Obama disregarding liberty which is everywhere in the news. I've been railing against that regularly. Rather it is about how he handled the incident.

Obama's handling of this incident was irritating. He didn't own his responsibility as a leader. The buck stops here, remember?

Air Force One is his plane while President and directly under his command. A mature option, which does not come natural to Obama, is that he would have owned that he had made a thoughtless choice - a mistake. If he had an insubordinate in his ranks, he is responsible for that person's choices too. Instead he said he learned of it when the media did - as if he had no knowledge of where his plane was. This had him appear as an idiot.

Although I read where he or someone on his staff had apologized, I didn't hear him apologize on the news clip I saw. This kind of dodging isn't something I admire, I can tell you that.

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principlex said...

Here's an article entitled "The Visual Subtext of the Statue of Liberty Fly-by Photo"