Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obama's Perfidy

Tonight, Obama was out of Washington DC where his Administration has plunged the city into a mob mentality where Congressmen have called for heads and passed a law violating the purpose of law - namely to apply equally to all people. His government is out of control and the country is getting angry - very angry.

Tonight, Obama appeared on Jay Leno's show. He schmoozed with Jay and the audience. He spoke with great confidence of things he knows little about like finances and electric cars. He threw in stories of his daughters to provide the warm fuzzy feeling needed to bathe the uncritical masses - who cheered wildly.

It's clear to me that this man's confidence relies on one thing: he has America conned. The poll approval he enjoyed after the election and inauguration is falling faster than Bush or Clinton. When those percentages fall below 40% and keep sinking, we are going to see a different Obama. Then it will be anger and imperiousness, which is already present, alternating with trying desparately to get his groove back or the blues.

A man who clings to his teleprompter like a binky is not someone speaking from fundamental conviction. He knows that won't sell. (Hint: His fundamental conviction is something like Rev. Wright's and Bill Ayers'.)

He said he wants to get back to the morality which made this country great. And that's right after a month of stealing you and your children blind of untold trillions at the point of gun. What are we supposed to believe that morality is? Honest production or unlimited theft?

There in one thing Obama is not: Moral. That's the last thing on his agenda. Fred Barnes of the magazine, The Standard, wrote: "Doing the opposite. Obama insists he's not in favor of big government, then proposes a 10-year budget with vast amounts of new spending and a vastly expanded role for government. He denounces distractions that keep everyone from focusing on significant issues, but his White House aides cause a huge controversy by calling Rush Limbaugh the leader of the Republican Party. He promises bipartisanship but doesn't practice it. He's against earmarks but refuses to call on Congress to strip them from the 'omnibus' spending bill. He's the enemy of 'business as usual' in Washington, but the way he conducts his presidency is business as usual. He's for making 'tough choices,' but doesn't make many. He's for 'fiscal responsibility' but...well, you get the drift."

Tonight he talked about wanting to get rid of the climate of blame in Washington while his staff works overtime blaming Limbaugh, Bush, Cheney and 6 or 7 others for his problems and being divisive. Do as I say, not as I do.

We now know that whatever Obama says, it's not that.

His affable presence with Leno so starkly clashed with the reality he has created in Washington and the country it is astonishing and defies description. I could only wonder if he is insane.

How can a man be this duplicitous, this callous, this utterly cruel? How?

I'll tell you how. Obama is working to transform the United States from a country based on the principles of political freedom to one based on the principles of slavery - slavery to the government. That's the only consistent thing going on.

His actions make sense in one way. He creates diversions and crises, all the while smooth talkin' us, and while we and the news outlets are preoccupied with those diversions and crises, he slips laws through Congress just like the bailout bill and the budget - no time to read them, no debate and costly as hell. This is what's up for healthcare and energy.

Start "reading" the strategy in the background and see how the foreground camouflages that. When you are sufficiently worked up, make a sign and join a Tea Party. Grow this thing until he breaks out the tanks. Like MLK was able to accomplish, we will then be able to witness who this man really is.


mike brady said...

Unfortunately, political hacks like Newt are latching on to the Tea Party. That's bad news.

Rob Diego said...

I was told that the latest gimmick of the Tea Party leadership was that they also do a canned food drive for the poor. What does that have to do with freedom?

principlex said...

This sounds like an infiltration of the Left to split the Tea Party initiative. This is down-the-line tactics of Alinksy and Cloward-Piven. This needs to be repudiated immediately. To do so will require getting the difference between having a movement about individual freedom or about doing good for the poor - about the rights of an individual or doing good for others - as the motive of the Tea Parties.

The way to do this is to be sure about one's source of information. It may not be something the Tea Parties are considering and just confusing flak from the Left.

If it is true, then one has to write the Tea Party organizations and let them know that it is completely unacceptable and that you will not participate unless the issue is clear.

Sorting this stuff out is not going to be easy. It will take clarity and leadership.

Rob Diego said...

Our local Tea Party leader did just that. In a public email to all members in Indiana, he excoriated the national leadership for bringing this idea up and stood ground on the principles of the Tea Party. I was impressed by the response.