Saturday, March 21, 2009

Obama's Moral Drivel

At his appearance on Jay Leno (By the way, wasn't Leno a complete ass or what? The most exciting day in his whole life? I hate to see people prostrating themselves before anyone. Whatever that was, it wasn't a statement of admiration) Obama said he wants to take the country back to the moral values that built this country.

Since when does stealing people blind represent a value that builds anything? Since when does saying one thing and doing another represent a value that builds anything? Since when does smiling and acting coy before the doting millions represent a value that builds anything? Since when does throwing the minister that you adored for 20 years under the bus represent a value that builds anything? Since when does sealing the records of one's past represent a value that builds anything? Since when does hiring a right-hand man who openly disrespects the outgoing President represent a value that builds anything? Since when does hiring or attempting to hire people who have not paid their taxes and not stand out as law abiding, upstanding citizens building anything? Since when does a man who does not know the difference between what America has always stood for, even though she has made mistakes and corrected many of them, and the depravity of dictators and authoritarian societies represents a value that builds anything?

The gap between reality and fantasy is so great with Obama, if you actually listen to and think about what he says, that it is mind-boggling.

Only on one premise does any of this make sense. He knows exactly what he is intending for America and all the lying and deceit is meant to keep the unthinking, hope-filled people off guard and those who would gladly live off whatever he can take and hand to them mollified. He is intending to take America down and deliver it without power to the wolves of the world. He will call that international cooperation. He is wrong.

Obama is, in my estimation, the most evil of all the men in the world at this point in time. The scope and effect of his evil is staggering to contemplate - and not just us, but the whole world. Believe me, the people who he claims he is out to help will get trampled in the coming rush to escape his clutches.

Anyone who buys this kind of drivel or who doesn't buy it but won't speak out against it deserves the coming results. Above all, collectivist societies are not good societies. Preying on others is raised to an art form as one group devours another. You think people are negative now, this is only the beginning as the cooperation and integration caused by freedom devolve to grabbing the means to force another to whatever one thinks is the solution. I love the outrage that people are expressing, but there isn't a one that is screaming, "LET THE PEOPLE GO FREE." No, they all have their form of the chains we should wear and they all want to use the gun of government to cause that.

And believe me, they do not know the answer. No one knows the particular answer. The best one can do is know the philosophical answer - that freedom for people to use their minds, which is the basic means of survival and which they are going to do even with the chains they are wearing, produces the only moral and good result. It must since for man to live, he must be moral and choose life. He has to by nature and he has no choice in this matter except that if he doesn't, he will make it harder to live and eventually will cause his own death.

Obama says he wants to stop the blaming. Bull! He is so full of shit. Blaming, and manipulation, will be raised to a new art form of human expression. It won't be fun. Notice how Obama himself uses it by having his minions working overtime finding new people to blame, people that are not even involved in causing the errors he is making and people who distract his followers from those real causes.

All of his talk is aimed at one thing. Whatever you can see and think you know, he wants to obliterate. He is working overtime to rob you of sight. The blind, the weak, the helpless are the one's he talks about as worthy of his work. He wants you blind, weak and helpless so that you will think he is doing a good thing. This is Obama's evil.

What is a seeing man to do? Extricate yourself from him. Pronounce moral judgement against him in an effort to keep your sight. You have to keep your own mind functioning and it takes a hefty effort to do so. Expend the effort. Do the work. Take care of yourself, the end and ultimate purpose of your life. Do not get entangled in his trap of beguiling talk and style. He's smooth. He's playing the role.

But it is a con so big that it is beyond belief and that is why people believe it. To believe the opposite seems petty, small and divisive and well, "What do I know anyway." Believe me you know what you know. Stand on that and don't look back. 2 + 2 does equal 4!


Nana said...

I absolutely love reading your posts!! You put into words exactly how I feel and what I believe but cannot even attempt to express; at least not so clearly.

I just thought it was time I let you know I am regular reader and how much I appreciate your blog! Please keep them coming,
Tammy Fields
Birmingham, AL

principlex said...

Thank you, Tammy. I was surprised by how much I appreciated your comment.

I'm used to answering people's objections or clarifying a point so to receive your explicit thanks is an unexpected gift. I also very much appreciate the people I know who like my blog and tell me when something expresses their values or their viewpoint, but your out-of-the-blue, unabashed love for my blog is a first for me. Thank You!!

How did you come across my blog? I'm curious.

Nana said...

You're very welcome! I came across it by browsing the top blogs in Birmingham from the Feedjit application.

Rob Diego said...

Steve, I too appreciate your posts and your writing is getting better with every day. I would like to point out that the idea that Obama is "doing good" with all the massive spending is the smoke screen that you talk about. You get a clearer picture of it when you learn that same smoke screen was used by Roosevelt during his actions that prolonged the Great Depression. Read "New Deal or Raw Deal?" by Burton Folsom, Jr. to see this more clearly. Like Roosevelt, Obama is not doing good. He is enslaving people and doing evil. He is stealing the life savings of the entire country.