Tuesday, February 3, 2009

King of Shade

Obama is turning his administration into a Monument to Shade. Shady, compromised, crooked characters populate Obama's entire life and his administration is no exception.

Why should you pay your taxes if two people in his administration didn't think it was important? Why should you not be a racist if his minister didn't think it was important? Why should you not be a terrorist if his friend did not think it was important? Why should you not worry about our government being bought by Arabs if the husband of your Secretary of State didn't think it was important? Why should you be straight when the defenders of Fannie and Freddie aren't worried about their being straight? Why should you be respectful of people if his Chief of Staff thumbs his nose at President Bush at the inaugural? Why should you care about doing anything right if your President doesn't think it is important?

What influence will this have on the country when the head of our government not merely has to deal with it because it pops up once in awhile, but picks and defends shady characters as a signature of his administration?

He will empower every immoral creep - the hustlers, the con men, the moochers - the world over and bring them out of the woodwork and to his and America's doorstep.

Why? They have a champion in the White House.

There will be no sunlight for the next four years.


Rob Diego said...

Look at ACORN and you'll see the kind of people who will get money from the Obama administration.

principlex said...

I can think of lots of reasons why I would not want to be any of the things Obama "lets slide" - a minimal way of saying it. One thing is absolutely clear: He is NOT a moral leader and as a consequence a poor political leader. He would have to live in the sun, in a real possibility with admirable ideals to be that. Where are they? Helping your neighbor at the point of gun is not such an ideal. Morals only come into play when one has a choice and are not possible when force is used. So much for Obama.