Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Basic Question

This morning while driving I tuned the radio to Neal Boortz, an Atlanta talk show host who bills himself as libertarian. He said that although the liberal has an answer for many things, there is one question he cannot answer.

I post this here. I use "progressive liberal" rather than just "liberal" as there is a difference. Traditionally liberal has meant one who believes in liberty or being liberated - freedom to be oneself and freedom to be politically free. I think today, however, most liberals are progressive liberals who believe that the role of government is to redistribute property in order that all people have the same existential means to live their life. This is a new term for the old fashioned one: socialism.

Boortz: Do you think it is alright if I choose to give a homeless person $10?

Progressive Liberal: Yes.

Boortz: Do you think it is alright if you choose to give a homeless person $10?

Progressive Liberal: Yes.

Boortz: Do you think it is alright if I hold a gun with the shooting end touching your forehead and tell you to give $10 to the homeless person?

Progressive Liberal: Absolutely not!

Boortz: Then why is it alright if I go to Washington and ask the politician to hold that gun to your head to get that $10 for the homeless person?

Progressive Liberal: Hemming and Hawing. No answer.

We know Obama's answer: "It's fair." But is it? Is using force to get what YOU want fair? Is using force to get what a majority wants fair? By what standard?

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Rob Diego said...

What Obama is counting on is that a majority of people will think it is "fair" and will thereby justify his force. His statements about "selfishness" are a standard argument used by religious progressives to instill guilt in people who might not want to "give" and it gives him a so-called moral cover. If it is good to help the poor, and if our situation now is so dire, and if we must act before it is too late, then we must authorize the trillion dollar theft created by his "stimulus plan" that will stimulate nothing. For Obama, the question is "government that works." We'll soon learn that Obama's governance will not work and his moralizing is nothing more than a political ploy to steal money and give it to groups like ACORN. This is politics as usual except now more brazen and absurd. Individual rights mean nothing to Obama and many of the people in his administration who have openly denigrated and attacked the concept. We have here a socialist takeover of our government. Only reality will stop it as it has always done to an unworkable concept.