Saturday, October 4, 2008

America has Passed into Dictatorship

With the passing of the bailout bill and the raising of Paulson to Economic Dictator (I just heard he plans to step down) we have passed from Freedom to Dictatorship in a matter of two weeks. Clearly we are in the process of a now bloodless coup. (Read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand for a playout of a Government takeover of the economy.)

As the details unfold, people are going to balk and be even more angry. Why? Because they have minds and they possess values - which they must - in order to survive. Whatever slack they have cut for all the shenanigans of the government regulators will now be reeled back in as they get increasingly careful about their financial and social decisions. Their values and logic will dictate it and none of us, above all a financial or political dictator, will have any say in the matter.

The coup is now going to exact its blood and treasure. And it is going to take increasing doses of naked force in order to accomplish this. When the government gets between you and and the identifications and conclusions of your mind, it can never win unless you say so. It must somehow get you to decimate your mind or it will be forced to use force.

If the Great - and possibly upcoming - Dictator Barack Hussein Obama gains the reins, this will come about sooner rather than later. (Have you noticed how much Obama is enjoying this collapse? I've seen several clips where he just jokes and smiles and then offers his bromides as to whom we are victims of now. If you read the source documents that I have posted in other blogposts, you will grasp how this is all falling into place according to his purpose. This represents the culmination of the strategy to use people's morals - like being good to the poor ala Jesus Christ - against them and then pushing the system until it overloads and breaks down.)

He is well educated in the ways of bullying and fraud and pervasive lying. He knows how to institute or shape government programs to register his voters and bully free institutions. He has used this as a primary thrust of his efforts every single time he can get away with it. He's slick now! He takes baby steps and then giant steps when appropriate.

He has already left the supposed benefactors of his tactics in worse positions than when he started - every single time. If any of those poor who he uses to justify his actions think they are going to get a free ride, the facts do not bear this out and they will be sorely disappointed. They, of course, cannot see this as they have donned the role of victim and will do everything to maintain it, including jambing stakes into both eyes.

He is a lie from top to bottom, front to back. Given his history of being attracted to Marxist, Black Liberationist, Terrorist, Communist sympathizers and tactics from his teenage years through the present, there is no way that he can be something other than who he is. He has constituted himself as The One. All his dissembling to the contrary, that front shall not be.

Barack Obama is primarily culpable in this entire mess. He has worked for it for years. His close associates have worked for it. He has pushed the Motor Voter laws which are open to fraud. Additionally, I can go right now to his website and register to vote with any name I want. All I have to do is make up a new email address, a new name, a new address and I am registered. If I live in a state that does not permit checking IDs to validate my identity, I am in like Flynn. I can spend the day going from precinct to precinct voting for Obama. States are reporting fraudulent voter registrations by the tens of thousands.

What is Obama's training for being The Dictator?

(From here unto the end of this italicized section, I have rewritten from Stanley Kurtz's article in the New York Post.)

In Chicago in 1992, Madeline Talbott, head of ACORN, an activist with extensive ties to Obama filed a precedent-setting complaint against Chicago area's Avondale Federal Bank for Savings. Within a month after the complaint, Chicago ACORN had organized its first 'bank fair' at Malcolm X College and found 16 local financial institutions willing to participate.

Two months after that, aided by ACORN organizer Sandra Maxwell, Talbott announced plans to conduct demonstrations in the lobbies of area banks that refused to attend an ACORN-sponsored national bank 'summit' in New York. She insisted that banks show a commitment to minority lending by lowering their standards on down payments and underwriting - e.g., by overlooking bad credit histories...

A September 1993 story in the Chicago Sun-Times presents her as the leader of an initiative in which five area financial institutions were 'participating' (i.e., if anyone would call being bullied participating. SCB) in a $55 million national pilot program with affordable-housing group ACORN to make mortgages for low- and moderate-income people with troubled credit histories.

The thing that was different about this program was the participation of Fannie Mae - which had agreed to buy up the loans. The pilot program 'worked,' and Fannie Mae's message that risky loans to minorities were 'OK' was sent. The rest is financial-meltdown history.

'The Woods Fund report makes it clear Obama was fully aware of the intimidation tactics used by ACORN's Madeline Talbott in her pioneering efforts to force banks to suspend their usual credit standards. Yet he supported Talbott in every conceivable way. He trained her personal staff and other aspiring ACORN leaders, he consulted with her extensively, and he arranged a major boost in foundation funding for her efforts.'

Obama consistently attacks individual rights and political freedom. Consistently!!! In fact he is such a collectivist that he doesn't possess the distinction Political Freedom. He talks as if everything is his and he has power to cause everything. He trashes free enterprise, i.e, the peace-producing trader principle, as if it were a dirty rag someone threw out along the highway. Think of everything you do of your own free will. If he is Dictator, that means nothing. You are the dirty rag. Your and my life will become increasingly circumscribed by orders from the Government or The One directly.

One idea he and Michelle especially like are Service Corps of various types. College kids will get grants to go to college but they have to give up a year of their life to Government Service. He has Service Corps for every bracket and age group. If the children singing hymns to Obama and the Obama Youth Fraternity is any indication, we will be learning Obama songs ourselves. Maybe it will be a little more Germanic where two words are put together as one: Obamasongs. (As I quipped in the first clip, at least Hitler had the decency to have the songs mention the country. Not so with the big O.)

There will be no Nice Obama. It isn't possible for a megalomaniac of this size to care about you. Who do you think you are? You must be taught obedience, the hallmark of all dictatorships. And obedience means one things - the sacrifice of your mind. We definitely are passing into a very evil period of American history.

My hope is that Americans are still too feisty and too uncontrollable for this giant noose. If there is anyplace on earth where altruist/socialist philosophies are finally going to meet their death, it will be here. Only in America.

Evil has no ultimate power and must fail. Although it can exact much suffering, one must not yield one's spirit to it. It can never be taken seriously in an ultimate sense.

Rationality, independence, integrity, honesty, justice, productiveness and pride have power.

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Rob Diego said...

Considering the large numbers of people who told their elected representatives to vote "No" for the bailout package, Americans are being dragged kicking and screaming into this dictatorship. In a dictatorship, contrariness is the sign of sanity. They can't kill all of us and they won't get away with it. We are, after all, responsible for creating the pie that "they" want to slice up.