Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spitzer, Hitler - What's the Difference?

Given that Spitzer was a brazen ruthless ruiner of men and was elected to his office in a landslide, do we now understand how America can elect a Hitler? And what does this say about the fascist underbelly of the Democratic Party?

I heard a colleague of his defending all the good things he had done in his short term as governor, trying to salvage something, anything, of Spitzer and the Democrats in New York. My ears were in rebellion. I wretched.

This fascist ugliness is just behing the drape in our current political drama. And this, I say, is the primary lesson in this matter. WAKE UP!


rville9755 said...

I curious why I never knew these things about Spitzer until now that he has been discredited. As far as I knew, he was a Democratic star on the rise. How could the Democrats who knew him look the other way. This is an aspect of fascism, the pragmatist root that says look only at the facts that benefit you politically.

principlex said...

I have been experiencing the same thing, RVille. Here's an article I read today that sheds some light on this.

You will see in this article how Spitzer used the same kind of tactics that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Hill and Bill, and others who weilded the government club to shrivel up and make pay up the ones they want to destroy. The press loved this because they hate business supersuccess. I'm really getting it in spades that the left and the outspoken Democrats who are increasingly openly advocating fascism - the use of force to coerce society to their grand design. Hillary doesn't batt an eye when she advocates it.

principlex said...

One more thing: For the left business supersuccess equals criminality.

principlex said...

Rather than supersuccess meaning criminality, maybe it means "lootability."