Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spitzer, Arrrrggggh

Elliot Spitzer proves one thing. Being a hypocrite, that small potatoes thing that conservatives get entangled in, is nothing . You know what I mean: Advocating family values and damning homosexuality from the pulpit or the elective office and then having sex with a call boy.

Spitzer is worse: He championed the state, justice and the will of the people and advocated prison terms and huge fines to carry them out and did what he damn well pleased in violation of the law. He ran afoul of this moral: "When we the people invest you with certain powers of the state, you are given a privilege. You are to embody that privilige. Violate that and all privilege disappears." We the people then kick him to the curb and pour over his prostrate body at least two heaping dumptruck loads of disgust.

If the laws didn't criminalize victimless crimes, Spitzer would have found another way to violate his privilege. He is insufferably arrogant and flaunting - just to see if he can get away with it. Personally, I could barely stand to see his wife standing beside him. On TV, to puncture his pretentiousness, she should have bopped him up side the head and said, "You should have had a V-8, you bastard."

Given that Spitzer is a Democrat and given that the liberal Democrats eschew morality whenever possible (fearing dogmatic moral judgment in itself and fearing that is the only kind of morality there is), it is interesting to see them portray this as a human tragedy rather than a moral failing. Psychology is cited. Where is accountability?

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rville9755 said...

Spitzer's action is a lack of honesty through telling people you are one thing and then being another. It is a lack of justice through dealing with people who engage in crime. It is a lack of integrity through thinking that one can separate parts of his life from other parts. It is a lack of rationality through thinking one can get away with the irrational. It is a lack of self-interest and the results speak to that.