Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Exhausting Regime of Barack Obama

Have you noticed that living in America right now is like living in a foreign country.  There is no America here right now.  There is no fun, no triumph for anyone while under the Obama regime?  Why is life so enervating?  So deadening?  So hopeless? 
I have a theory.  Try this on. 

A collectivist does not see individuals, and all of life is first and foremost individual.  This is true of all life, not just human life, but is the most pronounced in human beings since the role of the mind is the essence of being human.  I assert that Barack Obama and the party that spawned him is the Party of Death, the killer party.  And, this is so because it does not relate to individuals as motive power, the locus of the generator of life. 
It is so bad right now that the mayor of New York is willing to do away with a means for an individual to improve himself by doing away with charter schools – schools which are more effective in teaching kids.  In other words the lust for ignoring the basic truth of life is so strong that the collectivists don't hesitate to work for ignorance and stupidity in order to drive everyone to the same level.  If this isn’t evil, what is?

I don’t think I’ve seen the moral bankruptcy of liberalism so clearly as it is now displayed.  Obama seems to take no pride in being President of the greatest country on earth.  He’d rather take a “selfie” as would a teenager.  It is though he works to prove to us and the world that we are nothing more than ordinary - if that.

What this means in practice is that he has to do things counter to you loving your life.  He does it by tying everyone to everyone else.  In this way, individuality is meaningless.  And that kills the human spirit - the human vitality.

The moral means “pertaining to the life force.”  A moral code is a set of values and principles which follow from the knowledge of what it takes to maintain and strengthen one’s energy for living life.  These values are moral values.

Nowhere in human life does forcing someone without his consent to support another person increase one’s vitality.  Helping another does sometimes increase one’s own vitality, but the element of force completely denies that.  One’s vitality is not subject to government edict, except to diminish it.  The only way a government can support human vitality is to get out of the way and let the individual work that out. 

Given this, it is clear to me that we are feeling enervated because we are being ruled by an immoral government.

The disgusting part is that the government rules us cloaked in the claim of moral superiority.  Never have so many been so wrong.  Never has there been such a misunderstanding of what life is and what is necessary to keep it going.  Believe me it isn't a cot and a hot meal, although that's nice sometimes.

I’ve had enough of this tripe.  I hate it.  It’s time, once again, for America to pull itself out of this mire – pull itself up by the bootstraps.  How?  Reestablish what is important – the individual and his right to his life.  It's time for America to teach the world to sing once again.  We know how to do that and will when we are free.    

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Bobby V said...

I think the main instrument of this diminishment of the individual is in the altruism Obama practices. In fact, altruism is his Achilles heel. Altruism is such a mis-understanding of reality and morality that it corrupts everyone touched by it and it corrupts our nation. The ACA has so many forms of altruistic self-sacrifice (otherwise known as re-distribution) that it is stunning in its banality. Young people sacrifice their income so others can have terrible health care coverage. Others are the receivers of the sacrifice and they are corrupted too knowing that they are receiving something free which they did not earn...and that it is overpriced too. Doctors are paid less when they file claims on behalf of their patients. These additional costs for the doctor must be either donated to their patients (which is a form of sacrifice) or result in higher prices to their patients which is a form of sacrifice for the patient. Insurance companies are required to raise their rates and they can no longer use the risk strategies that they once used because they have to provide and charge their customers for insurance features they don't need- another form of sacrifice. And if the insurance company can no longer make money on its policies, the taxpayer will have to sacrifice to cover insurance company losses. And this is just the ACA that we're talking about. Add to that all the other forms of sacrifice imposed on once free citizens and you will begin to see the same attitude that Soviet citizens so openly displayed to the world...depression and alcoholism.

Everywhere you look, you see some beneficiary basking in the ease of living and some "sucker" wondering how he is going to survive. The government tells the beneficiaries they have a right to a lifestyle without a job and it tells the "suckers" that society needs their "participation". All of it seems very nice, but beneath all of this sacrificing there is anger, hatred and a desire to be rid of the ball and chain.

This is all a result of the altrusim that Obama thinks will save the nation and create a new prosperity. It won't happen because this altruism is destroying our nation as it has destroyed many others. Obama's altruism extends to his foreign policy where he blithely sacrifices American values and dollars for the sake of people in countries that hate us. Putin has noticed Obama's desire to sacrifice America and punish the name of the good. The future looks bleak and this too diminishes people and causes malaise.