Friday, September 7, 2012


The Democratic National Convention ran this ad this week:

Given that the government is FORCE, if you believe this or positively resonate with it in any way, you possess the slave mentality. The Democrats talk to you and respond to you as that mentality. What is the primary currency of that mentality? Being the victim.

I've recently run into people who are all worked up over race. You would think that Jim Crow was still in full force. Even though, as a product of the Civil Rights Movement of the late 50's and 60's, all the laws having anything to do with racial barriers were erased from the law books and even though blacks have now attained the highest office in the land, many still come from the slave mentality - the victim mentality. They stop themselves from advancing and would rather whine at their imagined barriers.

The jig is up on that one. It doesn't fly. And all that Critical Race Theory stuff is pure venal bullshit that only turns those who believe it or repeat it into racists themselves.

Frankly, I can barely listen to the Democrats and their leaders. I feel powerless supporting the people who fall for their conversation. Enslavement to being victim is screamed over and over. It's sad and depressing. It's no wonder that the only way for such a follower to respond is with hatred. The phenomenon that is going on with the Democrats right now is akin to the phenomenon that Hitler caused in Germany. He got his victim-minded people worked up to the point they put him in power. And then the lights went out.

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