Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Obama Destroys the Middle Class

Obama has ordered a Mennonite health insurer to not raise their rates. This is as iconic as it's going to get that Obama is out to destroy the middle class and make sure that in true Marxian fashion, everyone except he and his cronies are laborers. This is cutting off the American dream at the knees.

This past summer, I raised my rates to my clients. I'm an architect and I'd been charging the same rates since the mid-90s. But when inflation began eating away my ability to live, I had to bite the bullet and raise my rates. I didn't want to. I didn't want to create a situation where they could now tell me they didn't want to hire me anymore. Every businessman goes through this kind of trial by fire - especially the smaller businesses.

So when I read this article with the headline Obama tells insurer to reverse rate hike I thought I was going to blow a gasket. How could he order this company to not ask for higher rates?

Obama administration on Monday called on a Mennonite-owned health insurance company to cancel its proposed 11.6 percent rate hike, marking the first time the government has tried to pressure a private company under the new health care law. [I raised my rates 50%. P]

"While Pennsylvania-based Everence Insurance said it needs to raise rates on about 5,000 customers to cover costs, Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Kathleen Sebelius called the increase “unreasonable,” holding it up as evidence that the government has an important role to play in reining in the cost of coverage.

“'This sends a message to insurers around the country that the days of unchecked, double-digit increases are over,' Mrs. Sebelius said." [Translation: The days of you using your own mind and intelligence are over. P]

This is fascism straight up - not fizzed, not on the rocks, nothing but pure, unadulterated variety of fascism. Fascism is a system of government that allows, even encourages people to own property - i.e., possess the title to it and all the liabilities of it and then orders them to use and dispose of their property as the government decides. This is as evil as politics can get. The people end up with the liabilities and the government ends up with the benefits. It is not an ounce better in principle than the Southern version of enslavement of blacks. In fact, it is the same thing in another form.

Communism, bad as it is, is more truthful as to what it is. It's time people stop candy-coating Obama and call him out for who he is. He, one of human history's biggest con men, is out to destroy human lives (in the name of ministering to the victims of life, the poor and unable) by destroying their entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity. He is commanding out of existence the essence of being human - being a creator of values. Obama, has a lot of people fooled as a humane president while he is exactly the opposite. He dooms millions of people to poverty and and actively kills off any dream of having a better life. America could not have a worse example of humanity than Barack and Michelle Obama and not only is America suffering from this life-shattering malady, but so is the world. If you want to destroy human being, what you do is destroy possibility for him. And that is precisely what the Obamas are doing.

Never have I experienced such a painful period of history. Where I work, I talk to people from all over the world and in all walks of life. The people who are most disappointed with the Obamas, besides the Americans who know what is going on, are the people who emigrated to the US for the American dream. Whether they come from Columbia or India, the reason is always the same - so they could work hard and have a future for their kids. And don't tell me they don't see what is happening. Of course they do and they openly express it. Only those Americans who have been indoctrinated into thinking socialist or thinking social justice don't see it. They are gobbling up huge mouthfuls of this garbage and thinking it is a Thanksgiving feast. Little do they know.

America better wake up or there won't be a country on the face of the earth that holds the individual life above all else - that forms its government to protect not the welfare, but the individual rights of its citizens. It guarantees nothing about the results of life. All it does is protect your right to pursue your life and not be besieged by predators, i.e., criminals. But because we have lost the distinction of liberty, we now we have a Criminal-in-Chief in the White House. The cost of this is mind-boggling and we will pay for it for generations.

Three years ago, the Ayn Rand Institute said America must get itself re-oriented and grounded in liberty in twenty years, otherwise, America will be done and gone. This is the battle we are now in. Now is the time to get your butt "to the barricades" and stand for liberty every place you go. Now is the time to acknowledge that we are in a war for our lives. And we win this war or the light of possibility for your future and your progeny's future will go extinguished. Choose.

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