Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Blacks Need to Kick Obama's Ass

Never have we, in my lifetime, had a more racist President. Racism means that one assesses and judges a man by the color of his skin. One doesn't look at a person's talents nor his character. Only his skin color matters. Skin color is the first and only means that one ought to use to know how to treat a person - says a racist.

Today I read an article with this headline: Obama Seeks Ideas on Reducing Black Joblessness.

What's wrong with this? First of all, it doesn't recognize how jobs are created. Jobs don't know race. That's a matter arbitrarily imposed on the issue. From this question, I wouldn't be surprised if Obama came up with the solution of enslaving blacks. After all, all slaves had a job. They didn't get paid with money and didn't have freedom, but they did have food and a place to stay - you know, government-level for providing stuff. Sounds perfect.

Because Obama singles out blacks, he treats them as a collective. What does this mean? It means that blacks, since he's using his bully pulpit to lead on this matter, are to be treated as part of this collective. Now, you and I know that in any group, there are good people and bad, talented people and people with little or no talent, meritorious people and those who aren't worth a damn. But, if Obama is asking us - all of us who are listening - to treat blacks as a collective as he is doing, then in order to protect ourselves, we will be forced to judge them all by the lowest common denominator. So, in effect, looking at a black, one has to say to himself (given Obama's lead here) that you can't trust them to do what you want? Why? Because there are some in this group that cannot be trusted - or should I say, can be trusted to be lazy, steal from you, not be a man of his word, etc. - and since we can only use skin color as the way to judge these people, then for our own self-protection we must avoid them.

This is the vile and evil nature of a racist. And make no mistake, Obama is a racist or he would never say something like what he is saying. Every day he opens his mouth, he makes life more difficult for all blacks. And this is why they need to kick his ass.

As for me, I reject Obama entirely because I reject collectivism entirely. A collectivist always destroys the best of men in favor of the worst of men.

The valid alternative to Obama's hideous racism (and John Lewis's and the Congressional Black Caucus's too) is Individual Rights - where every man is recognized as the owner of his life and is free to make it what he wants. What benefits blacks is the same for all people, not to minister to their neediness but to protect their individual rights and yes, I mean only the NEGATIVE rights.

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