Friday, July 22, 2011

Obama's Advocacy of Wealth Redistribution

This was discovered in 2008, but it is interesting to listen how smooth this man is. If you are taken in by people sounding not only learned but "good*," then he sounds fabulous.

What is to be redistributed?


Whose property?

Yours. I didn't hear him excepting you from having your property taken and redistributed, did you? (Listen again, carefully, if you just assumed that he couldn't possibly mean you.)

And what is property?

Anything that is yours - the body you were born with and anything that you have mixed your labor with to obtain or have been given by someone who properly owned it. It includes your savings, your precious things, the organs of your body.
(Stolen property is not properly owned.)

They can take that?

Yes, any of it and all of it. The only criteria is that they can point to someone who, in their estimation, needs it.

How do I know they need it?

Do you think this question amounts to anything in the face of the State and it's wants? Why do they care what you and I think if they already appropriate the right to own us and everything that is ours?

The Founders of this country knew that governments can and will take anything they want from their citizens unless they are stopped. The Constitution was set up to stop them. Here we have a man who is openly claiming that the constitution was not written as it should have been and is advocating that the Government take anything it wants in order to redistribute it.

Do you want to understand why people hate, are scared to death of, and want to get rid of Obama? Do you understand why they might go on strike? It's because he has set himself up as a direct threat to every man's liberty and property, properly gained - the two requirements for you to be able to live as a human being. He has proclaimed himself, in Ibsen's words, "An Enemy of the People," albeit smooooooth as silk.

Have you seen any evidence that he isn't working to carry out his vision?

I have not.

*The good that Obama relies on is that you are willing to sacrifice for the group and the "greater good" as determined by the political elite. It is not really the good. It is the good that has come down to us via culture of at least 2000 year old.

One of the ways we know that it is not the good is because socialism and top-down government planning always, always, always fail. Why? Because these schemes separate results from motive power for the individual citizens which all their schemes depend on - and motive power only comes via the individual, not groups and collectives.

Added post: 7-23-2011
Here is another video of oh-so-smooth Obama speaking on July 22, 2011. He says Americans will pitch in if asked. One problem: They are not asked. They do not contribute to this voluntarily. They are forced. Also notice that for Obama, there are no individuals and individual choices. He is thoroughly collectivist.

And what happens when people are forced? Their motive power evaporates because they have no control over their own fate. A person's ends are, by law, prevented from being gained by his motives and actions. They are forced to give up their resources to those who are not motivated to produce, but to rule. So, the resources go to support their further rule. This is the great evil of socialism and why America is in the death throes of its experiment of liberty. Capitalism is the economy of free men. It cannot work when a man's mind is in chains.

The real mantra for this era, the one that would make a difference is "Get out of the way!" Another one with a religious cast is "Let my people go."

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