Monday, May 30, 2011

The Man Who Lost His Voice

The phenomenon that is now becoming apparent to many of us is that no one gives a damn about what Obama thinks or has to say. He's lost his voice - which is to say, he's lost the listening that we and the world have for a long time granted him, the President of the United States.

Here is an article out of London on what is going on in the Middle East and how they definitely do not care what Obama says.

And here is an article about what the Veterans and active military think of Obama.

I'm expecting this chorus of non-believers and outright reactionaries to continue to grow. Why? Obama's word is not credible. He cannot be forthright about what he wants to accomplish and get the people on his side. He's has now manifested THE condition which has governed his Presidency - disconnected.

The other big fact is that if Obama at root is motivated to rid the world of colonial powers which he falsely claims America to be, and lasso her, the rogue, to the UN, he is going to have to learn that the Colonial/Anti-Colonial idea has passed from the motive of history. India and China and the states that now realize that production and trade is the way to a higher standard of living are not interested in getting rid of trading partners. Quite the contrary.

All of this augurs against Obama. He really is out of date and because he is, his great pretension to being a peacemaker simply will not work. He's trying to make peace not on the world's realities, but on some half-baked notions that he has about elitism, control and "I'm-going-to-set-the-world-straight-and-correct-the-injustice-to-my-ancestors." He increasingly looks ridiculous because he is pretentious, not real. His whole success depends on ginning up hatred - class hatred, race hatred, any and every kind of hatred that he can gin up - and fear - fear of the climate, fear of individual initiative, fear of a person protecting himself, fear of a person engaging in his right to free speech - all for one reason, to have people believe the grounds for his actions.

Sorry. Fewer and fewer takers.

The stark difference between how the world works and where Obama is in his thinking is brought out in this video.

I will reference other articles as they occur in the comments.

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