Friday, April 15, 2011

Atlas Shrugged - The Movie

As one who read Atlas Shrugged 40 years ago and was inspired, when someone says they are going to make a movie, you are happy. Not until the movie is shown on the big screen do you realize that there is no place to hide any longer. Always before when I would talk about Rand's ideas, I could recommend one of her books. But even then, there are all kinds of misunderstandings that can occur. But when a movie is shown, the worldview of the movie is obvious. There is no more obscurity.

This whole evening since seeing the film this afternoon, I've been in a sacred space. Silent for hours now. I am present to the joy it was to sit in the value-space of Atlas Shrugged - to be among men who know that amazing, here-to-fore unthought feats are possible and they can be caused to happen. That space occurs for me as luminous - glowing with an underlying joy - the joy of knowing oneself as a creator.

The other thing that remains is my gratitude to have a film in existence that I can be proud of. It was really an accomplishment and I recommend anyone who has not seen the film go see it. If you love life, you shall have no regrets.

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