Friday, March 25, 2011

We Can Hide the Stench No Longer

Our President has reached the nadir of human decency. He has gotten the US into a war, call it that or not. A war requires money and soldiers. He takes our money, not his, and our sons and daughters for his petty purpose. At no time has he even attempted to justify his war nor has even had the decency to speak to the American people about it. Hell, he took off for Brazil and didn't say a word. Being our national leader, for Obama, is such a bother.

He then throws salt into this wound by turning our treasure and our soldiers' lives over to NATO and the UN. To this point he has indicated no responsibility for how that goes. "Yes! Another American value under the bus. Right on track. 'We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.'" He brushes his hands together to rid himself of any crumbs of his responsibility for anything that happens now. We sit here as chopped liver, totally disregarded and expected to pay for this in every way.

I have a soldier-ready young man living in my household. I'm keenly aware that with Commander-in-Chief Obama, his life is in danger. "You may want to hold off joining the Army," I said. "This man will have your butt in a body bag because you never got inspired to live for anything of real value while in the Army. This is how dangerous he is."

This kind of outrageous injustice does not go unnoticed.

But, the thing I'm noticing right now is the stench. "World, we have a full-of-shit President, all 73", laced with the fetor of egregious immorality (in the name of morality yet), and the stench is beyond our ability to endure. In the modified words of James Carville, 'We are throwing up out here.' Look for changes."

ALTRUISTIC WARS ARE THE MEANS OF DESTROYING OURSELVES. They are wounds that drain our blood. Ultimately they demoralize us such that we can no longer fight for ourselves.

I read this morning (3-26) that Al Qaeda is part of the rebel, anti-Gadhafi force. So now we have Obama and Hillary using our blood and treasure to support Al Qaeda interests? When are we going to wake up and put these people in jail where they belong. The destruction and havoc they have wreaked on this country is outrageous and enormous. And if you believe they are up to "doing good," you are naive - perhaps beyond redemption.


Robert said...

And when the media asks why the American people do not support his war, he'll say he hasn't done a good job of explaining it to us; otherwise we would support his war enthusiastically. His mistake is that he thinks we are like psychologically determined rats who can be manipulated by his so-called persuasive abilities. And if we don't agree with him, it is not because we think, it is because he hasn't pushed the right buttons.

Yet his worst mistake is his belief that altruistic goals ennoble a war...on the contrary, they make the war unwinnable. He may learn that when the body bags start coming home and the election is drawing near.

Gina Carr said...

I posted this on my aynrandrocks twitter and facebook sites. It is getting great response. Thanks!


Thank you, Gina. Let me know if someone says something drop-dead interesting - like a new insight or some way of succinctly, cleverly wording something.


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