Friday, February 25, 2011

The Incredible Dumbness of Madison

Don't you find it incredible that the Wisconsin statehouse is packed with demonstrators all screaming their hatred for Governor Walker and the Republicans from the depth of their being, indignant that anyone could consider questioning their right to collectively bargain for their wage contracts?

And atop all of that protesting, their repre- sentatives in the government act like frightened, cowardly and thereby powerless children. In the Senate, they take off to hide in Illinois. In the lower house they scream at the top of their lungs when they don't win the vote. At no time did they have the idea that they could eloquently speak their case such that they make an impact. Since when does an elected leader get to act like a two-year old and have any respect as a leader? If you are not disgusted with this, you must be dead.

What is the problem here? Imagine for a moment each of those screamers took their screaming back home, then went to their neighbor's house and screamed at him. Their enemy, the one they are screaming at, are not those evil rich owners and their hired managers of a corporation. (I don't agree with characterizing owners and management as evil enemies in the zero sum game of a Marxist mentality, but that's another subject.) They are accessing all that class-warfare energy, but guess what? Their enemy is the taxpayer, themselves and their neighbors.

When unions fight management of a corporation, the company pays for the increased wages and benefits. But the taxpayers are the ones who pay for these increased wages and benefits. So all of these demonstrators are screaming at themselves and their neighbors. This is why we are witnessing incredible dumbness.

When people get this disconnected from reality, you know the lesson is going to be very costly for someone. At least that is my experience when I get really dumb.

I'm standing that those standing for people's enslavement lose this fight - big time. Public Sector Unions have got to go. No exceptions. No teachers union. No SEIU. No Postal Workers union. Nada.


Robert said...

What's really dumb is labor unions for government employees. To hear the liberals tell it, government is the most effective organization for solving social issues such as education, welfare, health care, social security and much more. But the unions still need to represent government employees against the government? I thought labor unions were supposed to protect workers against "capitalist greed" why do they need to be protected against the government?


They don't, but isn't this scheme a great way for the Democrats to get money for their coffers? The reason they have to have collective bargaining is because they have to make it fool-proof that your money is forced out of you by your destroyers.

Who is going to prosecute these people - the unions and especially our elected officials - now? Are there any uncorrupted leaders in government? Or are we screwed to the wall - slaves for life?

The logic of how this works, how the government schemes to fleece the people, needs to be reduced to a single piece of paper that is magnet-ed to every refrigerator of every man who yearns to be free.


Have you ever seen a bigger con man than Obama? My god what a crook!!!


Here's a good article on the political economy of a Government Employee Union by Thomas DiLorenzo.