Friday, January 7, 2011

The Con Man Ups the Ante

Obama is a power-lusting con man, a liar. That, more than any other quality describes his character. William Daley, his new Chief of Staff, is his new means of conning the American public so those who do not grasp who Obama is and what requires his conning are fooled into voting for him again. (If you want to understand what requires Obama to be a con man, read Radical-in-Chief by Stanley Kurtz. This well-researched, heavily-documented book makes clear that the con is part and parcel of getting people to believe in socialism.)

Here's another article on the reason FOR selecting Daley. Yes, you guessed it: Reelection in 2012.

The real test of America in 2012 is whether the voters will demand integrity of their leaders or are willing to settle for the superficial b.s. If the latter, we are done - at least until the superficial non-leaders have been proven, to the majority of people, unworthy of the leadership role given them.

(Reality is on our side, because a socialist cannot cause real and positive results to the extent he sticks to socialism. Socialism’s error is that it deals with individuals by the group they are deemed part of and individual needs cannot be glossed over in that way and people thrive. At the level of the individual, socialism separates motive from results. No one can do something with any desire to achieve the result unless he is motivated to do it. Orders from the top down by force destroy that motivation, which explains why socialist societies fail to the extent they are socialist. Since we each deal with each other via the economy – trading what we have for what we need that someone else has, the answer is to get the government SEPARATED from the economy so that these individual transactions have full and free reign, while the government only acts to protect property including the basic property of life and liberty. Then and only then will the government and the economy each be in their proper place.)

This is going to mean a complete revolution in the underlying thought (moral base) which produced America in the first place. Only the sanctity of the individual held as one's highest value (sacrificed for no reason) will reveal the con for what it is and point to the solution for our (and the world's) current problems.

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