Sunday, December 12, 2010

Obama Presidency, An Obituary

Well, it happened. Obama stopped carrying the bucket. He kicked it.


We see Bill at the podium arguing for the tax deal that O put together, since he did something similar during his Presidency. Obama then says the First Lady is calling him (to get ready for the Christmas party) and he turns the press conference over to Bill. Bill takes the reporter's questions with a greater sense of authority than O has ever had via teleprompter. The more I think about this, the more astonished I am about what happened.

I saw a comment saying, "I knew it. Obama is not an alpha male." That's one way of expressing what happened although that isn't cognizant of the magnitude of what happened. Obama does not and has never owned the presidency in the full sense of what that means -at least in a democratic country. Instituting an agenda at the expense of people's legitimate concerns, going through the motions of the president, enjoying the benefits of the presidency and spending an outlandish amount of money because he can is not constituting oneself as The President, the creator of the "space" and quality of the Presidency.

Obama's creation - a stunted, mangled, force-fed, crying baby of a Presidency - has been by default, a default largely fashioned by a anti-capitalist, socialist agenda that requires deception to institute (see Radical-in-Chief by Stanley Kurtz for a well documented account of Obama's socialism and how it operates) and the required victims (underdogs by race and class) which socialist rhetoric must create in order to exist (I thought I would vomit if I heard another sob story - especially around Obamacare), combined with showboat arrogance surfing a tide of arranged audiences. Obama has never taken responsibility for the office and its perception by ALL the people - the entire body of Americans whose judgments he lives/dies politically by. I remember more than once, the Tea Party went to Washington and Obama went somewhere else.

By nature of community organizer, he, along with his mentors and advisers, thinks in terms of enemies and hatred.* Governing "ALL the people" is out of the question when a number of them are enemies. In a country known, believe it or not, for its integrative power which is a product of political freedom and individual rights, his thinking is immature and narrow, nowhere close to the possibility that most Americans think in terms of. I cannot help but think he is an example of how Affirmative Action and political correctness ruin people who try to gain credit they don't deserve rather than earning it on merit. He operates as though Affirmative Action provides him something when in fact it is an impediment. Knowledge is knowledge. Producing results is producing results. Being one's own moral authority is being responsible for one's choices and actions. Those do have value and they are earned. No short cuts!

Once a "leader" declares himself and shows himself to be the leader - which Obama did to a degree when he ran for and won the Presidency - people align or non-align in degrees with him. It's a matter of concern, normally held in the background, as to what the leader is initiating and calling people to participate in. (As long as his actions fall within normal bounds, those concerns remain in the background like a guardian. If things go outside those normal bounds, then those concerns growl like a guard dog - which is what has happened to Obama.) No matter what, a leader is central to the energies of the body of which he is the leader - which, in this case, is our entire country. To default on that fact of his position and what it means for the country and his future is a huge fail, probably the ultimate fail as a leader. I think Obama essentially ended his presidency, i.e., any real influence granted by his position, at this press conference.

A lot of people thought Palin did the wrong thing when she resigned as Governor of Alaska. Regardless of what you think of her decision, she did it the right way - she owned that she was governor and was fulfilling that leadership role and then she delivered her communication that she was ending that role. She gave her reasons. People may have not liked it, but she was straight with them and with herself. She honored herself as her word. Consequently, she has gone on to be a powerful influence in the politics of the nation, as demonstrated by the last election.

Obama, on the other hand has defaulted by not owning himself as his word and not owning what he has implicitly created - a spiritual/moral space in which we all live. His integrity registers zero. We have seen things all along which have raised questions about what he is doing with his presidency. He has appointed many, many socialist/communist czars whom he ran by no one to check their "bonafides". He has spent millions keeping his past hidden. He has belittled America outside the country. Rather than treat all men as equally respected as leader of their respective states, he chooses to bow - low in some cases - to show obeisance. He will stand for an underdog who cannot produce a nickel, and not stand for a person fighting for his right to exist as a free man. He will sell out anyone and everyone useful for a second. All of these matters are part of his putrefied presidency. But now it is confirmed. The Obama Presidency is over. "The Country? I don't have time for it. Yes, Michelle honey? Be right there." Talk of a lame duck? He's a broken-legged duck and he broke his own leg.

I am now clear that there is no real threat from the Progressives and the far Left although they can be very costly and fool some people a while longer. Because their politics is anti-man and anti-human life, as demonstrated everywhere it has been tried, they cannot tell the truth. They build their power on deception and as a consequence, are unable to build trust. Integrity is essential for building trust. Their word is no good on principle. For this reason, they will, although they have themselves set up in a kind of infiltrating guerrilla war mode, at least in some cities where they've had all the ACORN and SEIU groups, are increasingly unable to win over the hearts and minds of the people.

Whatever power they attempt to have now will increasingly have to rely on physical force - and that will send them completely over the edge. Moral account? Overdrawn. Political capital account? Overdrawn.

*Community organizers spend weeks listening and talking in a community to find out what the people hate and want to fight against. Usually it is turning some area in their community into a landfill or something similar. It's the anger that is the key. Later the access to that anger plus the bonding via political activism is turned into a force which the organizer uses to forward his agenda which is usually to go after bourgeois capitalists.

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