Saturday, November 13, 2010


I'm reading the above book by Stanley Kurtz. I am enjoying it because it goes into the socialist movement in the US and Obama's relation to it. The great thing about the book is that it places you in that world such that it is possible to see why Obama is so beholden to his agenda and the philosophy behind it. It actually is his world - the world he grew up in and began to take specific shape during his college years, specifically in New York City, when he discovered he wanted to be a Community Organizer.

One also gets how this entire movement is driven by "hatred of being a victim of the system" which begets "There is something wrong here. We must fix it."

And they just know they are right about this. The speeches I'm getting pieces of were delivered in the early 1980s. There is no responsibility for how they sought and got passed President Johnson's welfare program which trapped many blacks in permanent poverty and began to unravel the black family because it made monetary sense to do that.

I contrast that with the liberty oriented person who sees all people as fundamentally the same with different expressions of their being human and thus accepts and honors/dishonors people as they are. No one is metaphysically a victim of the system unless he makes it up that he is and no one is perfectible except as he takes on his own perfection. The liberty oriented person seeks the values a person offers and trades value for value if he chooses. It is constantly integrating itself into a whole where real agreements bind people together.

At this point in the book, I'm quite aware that the socialists want political power and it is exciting (and maddening) to learn their strategies and justifications for gaining that power. Although Obama was raised with socialist and anti-capitalists, he began budding for the "flower" he is today (not a flower I care to display in my home, by the way, but a flower none the less) in a big way during his years at Columbia in the early 80s. This set up his being a Community Organizer, another name for a socialist activist.

I have a lot yet to read, but already I get the value of getting into O's world if one wants to understand him at all; and, if one wants to see America's future if his view is left to dominate. Also it is good to get beyond the outer interpretations of socialism and get into what motivates the actors in the socialism camp. Whereas I judge socialism by its fundamentals, this book presents you with the people and their words and actions which assume socialism is good and morally justified.

Already capitalism = racism in their book. So now I get the connection. Everyone who is a non-believer in O, a socialist, is a capitalist and therefore a racist. There is no alternative to this view - in their world. There is no possibility that property is nothing more than a designation of real stuff that a person is using for the values he seeks to create in this world. A person (even a socialist) needs to own property of some kind for him to survive but what socialism does not recognize is that this is a value. (Socialist states are always attacking hoarding, the activity where a man seeks to hold on to his property - the property he needs to survive.) Man to live depends on creating values which entails property and yet in a socialist system that is all considered bad. This justifies its confiscation of property.

So far I've not read anything about when this racism will stop. I'm clear from everything I've read about socialism that it never stops because the socialist must keep the fire hot under that pot forever to keep people socialists. Where socialism dominates, every man becomes suspicious of every other man's loyalties since it is a society founded on predation. For a socialist system to survive, it must have producers and then it must take the product of the producers. Ultimately property, even the property of one's body, means nothing in a socialist world. There is no working to sustain one's own life. Hello! This is the re-institution of slavery - of all to all - and permanent war - of all against all.

I will say more about this book when I complete it.


Robert said...

Later in the book, he'll work ACORN into it and he's done some great research into this group and others going directly to their archives, their own words and their deception and money laundering. Obama was a big factor in funnelling lots of foundation money to these socialist groups under various deceptions such as education...where they strove to indoctrinate children into anti-capitalism as well as recruit their parents into their movement.

I like Kurtz's research. He's nailed it but he doesn't question the basis of socialism which is altruism.

That's what we need to challenge. When the media starts mentioning altruism as the base of socialism and when they show how it impacts lives negatively, then we'll see a new world and the victory of reason.

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.


I rather like it that Kurtz has not evaluated it. That allows me to be with what the socialists are generating without having to work through Kurtz's evaluation.

I notice I get angry at the socialists' interpretation of reality, and that they have it set up for man to be against man. In their world, if they win, you lose. Or if you win, they lose. They are not interested in seeing that we are all men and have the same basic nature and have talents, resources, and property to trade. There is no way that they can ever have world peace, let alone anything but constant discord with all people around them. They thrive on it and can be counted on to create it.

Obama is a good example of this. Instead of finding the principles whereby a people can live in harmony, he misinterprets events and exploits prejudice in order to create discord. This is one of the giveaways that Obama is not innocent. Rather, as a leader of men, he acts to disintegrate society through his errors in knowledge and nefarious purposes.

The Boston professor vs. the cop is an example of this.

Robert said...

As I mentioned in a previous blog post of my own, they need division as does not matter what the division is; what is important for them is whether they can use the division to gain power. This is why today, they are against racism when in the past they were racists. The key question for them is what will help them gain or keep power...principles or even being on the right side are unimportant. They just want to be on the side that enables them to gain power and will stay on that side until it becomes a political albatross...then they'll be on the other side. You're right, Obama is a perfect example of this.