Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fear Rules

The Bunker Mentality has set in.

If the Democrats who are now seen as the "Predator Party" wish to have a future, it ought to advocate repeal of Obamacare. It needs to own up to its usurpation of power and work to restore the idea that they represent the people. Except for a few power-lusters, bottom grubbers, businesses and unions that cannot compete except by government protection, racist get-evens, and socialist ideologues, they represent no one. (Jeez, I hope that's not a majority!) Their purpose is anti-human life (definitely will impoverish all of us) and anti-American. If Obama's vision prevails, a vision that swamps possibility, we will all be of the Bunker Mentality, scared to let you know anything about us for fear you will steal it or use it against us.

Why does O find himself in the bunker? He squandered and failed to build TRUST.

Illustration by Alex Hunter for Washington Times

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