Saturday, September 11, 2010

Will The People Call America to Account?

This fall's election will tell the tale for America. Will the people call our politicians to account and restore integrity with America's purpose or not?

I THINK THEY WILL to the degree they can at this point in time.

And what will be the verdict?

We will assert some form of our love of freedom, clear that we are not willing to give it up. It may have ennobled moments; it may be mangled in places, but it will be this assertion none the less. Perhaps sweeping aside the things that don't work will be our biggest achievement as we buy time to get our heads together - collect our thoughts and arguments so we can be strong for our liberty once again.

So what will be swept aside?

The Democratic Party as we know it will be dead for at least a generation.

People, myself included, and others I talk to, will never again in their lives vote Democrat. It is one thing to have a President and Congress that do the wrong things and even bad things. It is another to foist upon the American people a President who hates America and does not have her in his heart. This betrayal cannot live in the hearts of the Americans I know. As a consequence, Hillary may as well go play her flute to the moon. She's finished. All of them are.

The Democrats will either be a Far Left party (America's version of a Communist or Socialist Party) and get few votes because people are clear they don't want you. Or it will send the Far Left packing into some splinter group.

Government planning of the economy, which by the way, has not been even the pretense of the Democrat's actions, has failed. The Democrats have looted the economy, another name for redistribution. They could care less whether it works. Even Castro, much to the chagrin of Michael Moore, I'm sure, said this week that central planning and socialism have not worked for Cuba.

People who stay in the know have known that socialism in any form is a failure ultimately and finally since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the installation of some freedom in Communist China. The consequences in Greece have now collapsed any pretense that the Welfare State is the proper mixture of freedom and slavery. The truth is now in: Government fingers in the economy are toxic. Period.

Other things being realized are:

1) GOVERNMENT REGULATION is another form of SLAVERY. You can't have some person whose only purpose is to boss you around directing your life and you remain a human being in the full sense of the word. It kills creativity doornail dead.

2) Elitism and double-standard morality (the entitlement attitude) do not work. They are a throw-back to the "Us vs. Them" mentality, the zero-sum game of the pre-Enlightenment days. The just man, the man who wants equality under the law, despises those premises. Free trade, voluntary trade, works - and rocks.

3) Racism as a tactic of intimidation is over. It's been worn out. Not every objection is because a person is racist. If someone calls a person a racist, its about to become laughable and it is almost there. Collectivism is ignorant and passe. Only elitists think that way. People are individuals and we know that.

4) Thug politics, politics by manipulation, is out. Obama is going to be the last of the basically ignorant, smooth-talking con men (liars) for power for awhile. Being real, true and honest is IN and what people are looking for. This is an individual quality. No political Party, City, University, race or ethnic group has a claim on this quality. It has to be earned. In the meantime, avoid Chicago unless you like being a second class citizen manipulated by thugs.

5) Post-modernism as the mother-lode of ideas is out. It's dead. In fact all the philosophies descended from Kant will be re-looked at and discarded or recast in terms of the objective. Combine this with anti-elitism and Harvard will have to struggle to regain its former repute or become an outpost for antiquated PC dictates which serve arthritic elitists. We need people who know. But they have to earn their status. There is no elite group who by right gets to direct things. A PhD may open a door. It doesn't grant you staying power.

6) The sycophant press is finished. People will find the reporters they trust on the internet. The press is the major reason America blundered into this mess. The press didn't do its job and they will now be punished. Justice is like that. It's cosmic and not personal although it seems to know exactly who deserves what.

Whatever happens, the direction is not back to some conservatism which itself struggles with arthritic joints. It's ahead to the Second American Revolution - the one that puts America on a moral base consistent with the vision of the Founders of this country. That moral base is ethical egoism - rational self-interest - the only moral code that is discovered by science and works for the happiness that is yours for the earning, and builds a sane society, a joy to be part of.

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