Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Ironic, Bedeviled O

President Obama pretends he is the most forward of Presidents, bringing people government health care. I assert the exact opposite is true. He is the most backward of Presidents.

The idea which has been on the march ever since the Greeks discovered it is FREEDOM. The United States so far is the high water mark in this most basic human striving. Political freedom is the idea that it is possible to determine the course of one's life and safely live in society.

Barack Obama is acting out his belief that political freedom is not deserved by any man and that a government has the right to determine a man's life in every detail. In the grand scheme of things, this has Barack Obama be the most backward President that America has ever had.

At this point in his Presidency, I see nothing he's done that is going to provide more freedom. If I am provided government health care, this is not going to provide more freedom. Rather, it is going to provide long lines and post-office-style bored employees waiting on us when they get to it. Further, given the history of government health care systems, we know that the service will become backward and likely largely worthless. (Cuba's health care is worse than worthless - contrary to the story of Michael Moore who was Potemkinized by Cuban authorities.) In the future, any time our health matters, we will be getting on a plane heading for a Caribbean Isle or India or somewhere else. What was available and not that expensive will now become unavailable to the ordinary man. We will be the two-tier society: The haves and the have-nots. The people Obama uses to justify his programs will definitely be in the have-nots. In fact that group will grow; I don't think there is any question about that.

But that is merely healthcare. The most backward area of President Obama's actions has been in his partisanship. He has never been the President of all the people. He's sought from the beginning to set one man against another and there is no doubt that his government is the most racist, most partisan government in modern times, although they constantly deflect this by accusing everyone else of racism. Now this is IRONIC, given that it is their minds that keep asserting this, thus planting where it wasn't.

Although this has been growing for years, I see the Census as nothing but a racist and redistributionist questionnaire. It's purpose is to allocate to races and various groups of people according to their need as determined by the government. All of this implies, of course, that the other race(s) and people who earn money end up providing. This is incredibly unjust, soooo wrong. It is not only a crime to the people perpetrated against, it undercuts the future of those it supposedly is designed to help. And yet, this President and the Democratic Party are embracing this whole hog. This is Dark Age stuff.

It is clear to me that we are headed for some kind of showdown. And, I blame Barack Obama for being so against his "goddammed America" that he appears hell bent on taking her to her knees. One thing is for sure, there is no future for America in his works. What, pray tell, is his winning at the expense of the country? To all else, he is vacant, and the whole of us doesn't matter one whit.

Hopefully Barack Obama will be the only anti-American President we will ever have.

PS: I could have named this post "The Incredible Shrinking President."

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