Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Rebuilding the Middle Class"


On January 25, 2010, I heard President Barack Obama use the phrase, "Rebuilding the Middle Class." Besides considering myself middle class and being deeply offended by his taking over my job of improving my life, I realized what this term means. This means that the middle class is now going to be treated as welfare and told what to do - in the so-called effort of rebuilding.

This is slavery in its modern incarnation straight up. Any programs to this effect will trap people into dependency and you will become the government's farm animal.

So now, more than ever before, stay far away from government programs and government largess in any way if you want to remain a human being in the full possibility of that term.

And the full possibility of being human is being the prime mover that you are designed to be. This means that you choose, you know that you choose and you enjoy, good or bad, the consequences. Never has the moral principle of independence been so clearly required as now.

Socialism sounds so enticing because it seeks to take care of everyone's basic needs. The only problem is that you give up being fully human. Invention and creativity become stunted from lack of necessity. If you want to understand this in technicolor, Google the inventions that have come out of socialist countries - the Scandanavians ones, e.g. You can see that ingenuity and creation basically died there once socialism got hold of those cultures - in the 1930s.

If socialism is the wave of the future, then spiritual death is the wave of the future. I'm not having it.

I just wrote my Senators about this:

Dear Senator: (Chambliss and Isakson)

Yesterday, Jan 25, 2010, President Obama used the phrase, "rebuilding the middle class." I was so offended and consider his attempts to set up programs to this effect as completely out of place in American society. This has a single purpose - causing dependency on the government.

It's my job to improve my life. I do not need rebuilding as if I'm some goddammed cog in Obama's machine.

I request that you NEVER use this phrase and you correct anyone who uses it. People have individual rights and their lives are theirs. They are not to be manipulated and stolen from in the name of some goddammed social program. The right to one's life is a right of the individual and the government has no part of that except to protect that right.

Respectfully yours,


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Robert said...

The question is: who will be looted in order to "rebuild" the middle class? This looks like another re-distribution scheme and as usual there will be winners and losers. The correct name for it is fascism.