Wednesday, November 11, 2009

People are Divided over Obama. Why?

Here is an article, Grouchy Public Sticking With Obama. What are they grouchy about and why are they sticking with him?

Some think he has a bad situation to deal with and isn't doing so well, but they like him. Others think he is inept and isn't even interested in improving the situation and in fact wants to produce a failed America, upside down in all of its traditional values which at root means the protection of the individual and his right to live his life.

The first group doesn't care what Obama has said. When he tells Joe the Plumber that he is going to take what he earns and give it to the poor guy down the street because it's fair, they don't get that when they earn something, it will be them that is separated from their earnings. Suddenly their kids and loved ones and plans and projects are stopped in their tracks so the poor guy down the street can do his thing. They don't hear what he is saying and cannot hear what he is saying. The second group hears Obama and believes him and what is known about his past.

The first group distrusts ideas, knowledge and actively works to keep everything like that at arms' length. The second group welcomes ideas and knowledge and actively works to use information to improve their lives and world.

The first group would rather find a recipe that gives them comfort food. The second group would rather explore a new taste.

I'm realizing that people are dividing themselves into two groups. I call these two groups, The Folks and The Adventurers. Another word for Adventurers is Thinkers. Thinking is an adventure because it goes where you have not gone before - otherwise it isn't thinking.

The Folks create their lives in every way around the social and they think socially. The Adventurers create their lives in every way around the possibilities they see and how to attain those possibilities.

The Folks put social first and kill off (when they get political power which is the power of force) anything which threatens the social, especially any idea which forwards the individual. The Adventurers put creativity and ideas of the world first and create their social activities to support that.

The Folks live life as a warm, fuzzy dead-end. The Adventurers live life as an exciting possibility.

Barney and his boy-friend belong to the first group. Barney bends all the mortgage rules in order to provide a warm fuzzy which he cannot make stick because he cannot control reality. Barack and Michelle, although they pretend to be adventurers and courageous fighters, also belong to the second group. Every policy they advocate firmly supports The Folks.

Right now, there are no public people in the second group. We used to see people like Tiger Woods and his dad as they worked on perfecting Tiger into a superb athlete. But those people are now silent, having been frightened into the shadows. Pursuing excellence is something one has to do secretly. The unsung people are those worrying how they can live and raise their families in a world that does not support them and, in fact steals, one way or the other, everything they earn in order to support the warm, fuzzy social dead-end.

The Folks is a deadly group and ultimately will murder any individual who doesn't put social first. Their worldview is the source of failed, dispirited communities, societies and states. They like forced education and indoctrination and ultimately concentration camps - although they will never admit it. They are so industrious in their attempt to cover this motive that they work overtime to create real freedom lovers as the kind of people that they are at heart. Notice how they portray the tea party people.

There is but one thing more powerful than a person, one of The Folks, using everything within his power to not face the truth - a person who grasps the truth from the ground up and will not yield his life for trifles. He is The Adventurer. He has reality on his side.

The Folks are terrified of the individual. Why wouldn't they be? Their lives depend on him. The second group is not terrified of the individual but rather looks to him and nurtures him for ideas on how to live. They know their lives depend on exalting the mind and currying an environment that nurtures the independent thinker - the one unafraid to say what others cannot see.

I think people still like Barack because they cannot tell the difference between someone who knows what he is doing and someone who pretends to know what he is doing or who, by stealth, consciously knows what he is undoing. They are dazzled by the rhetoric and not paying attention to the results. They like Obama the actor who keeps talking about why the results are not here yet and false results - like "saved" jobs. They are desperately hanging onto their warm fuzzy.

We are starting to see the final test of their loyalty. Will they embrace the force, the coercion that is going to be required to install this unreality as the new reality? Will these warm fuzzy "nannies" advocate theft, silence and even murder of anyone who tells them they are wrong, that their world will not work and that they may be full of shit?

The confusion around what is going on has spread far and wide. For example, it infects the issue of nurturing vs. calling to account and being responsible. It infects the current interpretation of the role of the female principle and the male principle. It infects the place for feeling and the place for thinking. It has infected everything to the point that people cannot see what is so. Everything is upside down.

A very good example of this is Obama's approach to the recession. I know for a fact that a person cannot build a solid life without living within his means. And before that growth begins, a person becomes of a new, clarified mindset. At the point of his clearing, he can cut out the expenses that will not allow him to live within his means. He becomes able to talk to people, i.e. creditors, and work out something that can work from where he is within his means. A new confidence comes over him and he is on the road to building his life.

But notice how Obama and our leaders have chosen to prevent America from knowing this place and getting its feet on the ground. And not only that, the government is actively stealing money from the citizens to pay for the borrowing that the government is doing in order to maintain the false principle of being able to live outside our means. It works to scare us saying that the whole system will collapse. So what. In fact, it should collapse because it caused the problem in the first place. Just as a family may have bought a second home which caused it to live beyond its means and borrow more money, so a government can do the same thing.

Using this simple example of what sanity vs. insanity looks like, we can see that Obama and our government is thoroughly in the camp of unreality. Yes, I would be willing to call it insanity. And this is causing Obama's popularity to erode.

But there is one other thing which has the potential of completely destroying Obama. Obama isn't merely a straight up politician who one agrees with or disagrees with. There is too much of Obama's past that tells us he has a particular outlook on politics that is anti-American. He loves everything and has spent his life forwarding everything that is anti-capitalist, anti-individual and anti-independent thinking. (Be careful not to fall for the words "critical thinking." That is a school of thought and operation which is smuggling in how The Folks should think.) What people feel and haven't put their fingers on yet is that Obama is creepy. There is something off about Obama and until that gets sorted out, there can be no forward movement.

It's this creepy element that has me unable to watch him posturing as the leader of this great country. My experience is that of some kind of Great Disconnect. I see a man speaking about America and American values. All I get is words, just words. The best I can grant him is that he has translated them in his mind to the emotional base of his Marxist/socialist ideal. This is a terribly painful experience. Although I would like to embrace him because I honor the office and the form of it all, I cannot stretch pretense this far.

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principlex said...

I'm not the only who cannot find a piece of ground to stand on to support Obama.