Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Screw Your Neighbor

Today there are hundreds of thousands of people marching in Washington. They are there protesting being screwed by the government.

Just who exactly is getting screwed?

This is the first time I've seen the producers of the nation marching on Washington. We are in a battle of the producers vs. the takers - the one's who produce a good or service vs. those who exist off the theft (by law, of course) of their production. The WHO that is getting screwed are the producers.

The Civil Right which scares both political parties to death and which has not been claimed ever since it was challenged and began its erosion over a hundred years ago is the right to economic freedom. Man to survive must use his mind to do a job, start a business or provide any good or service. This right has been so decimated by government control, regulation, taxation and general outlawing that the government has become the enemy of people everywhere.

I talk to idiots regarding their freedom all the time. They always focus on Republicans vs. Democrats, big businessmen vs. the little guy, whether they get a benefit while never thinking about how and who provides it, or some insignificant issue like whether someone accepts whether they have or advocate gay sex. All of this is focusing on a portion of the elephant and never seeing the whole thing. (Idiots are people with an opinion who are uneducated, ignorant, of the topic at hand and the premises upon which their opinion depends.)

The whole thing is freedom and it includes economic freedom.

Although our freedom has been sliding down the government drain for many, many years, the election of Obama has brought the issue to a head as he is wholesale redistributing your possessions into the hands of those who didn't earn them and who don't value them.

I'm hearing right now there are over a million people in Washington DC. (I'm getting direct reporting from WDC and the people who have seen many marches on Washington know that when the mall or Pennsylvania Avenue fills from point A to point B, that's a particular number of people. The news is reporting a conservative estimate - maybe a hundred thousand - but it is now looking to be many more than that.) (And this from Instapundit: STEPHEN GREEN IS continuously updating with reports from DC. He says ABC has estimated the crowd at 2 million. Here's another article on it. Others think a million is a closer number. DC Police estimate the number at 1.2 million.)

This picture was taken in the morning while the protest was still growing and before it peaked. Of course Obama and Pelosi, to name two, left town. Hmmm.

The essence of the new politics is SCREW YOUR NEIGHBOR - take his possessions, his assets, his life. The poor and do-gooders who think that Obama's redistribution is justice - social justice - are wrong about that and will reap the whirlwind. They think they are going to get something that SHOULD be theirs for nothing by means of government fiat. They say it is fair, but it isn't fair by any rational standard. And because it isn't, they can only achieve this by force. In the background behind ever redistribution is the government and its gun. The poor's hand on the stick they hold will eventually be crowded off as the corrupt take all the spoils of this battle. (We see this in ACORN where poor blacks are hired for a pittance and required to produce X number of voter registrations or X number of housing loans without standards or training while their leaders are fabulously crooked and fabulously wealthy. What's worse is when the peons are caught, they are fired as if they are the problem. Used. That's all they are for - to be used. This is the face of corruption. More on this topic here.) When the initiators, the entrepreneurs, the risk takers who no longer have a reason to produce in order to enjoy their life have cut back or stopped, all of us pay the price.

And, those who lap this pablum and will pay dearly are those on the lower end of the economic scale. The standard of living rises or falls for all of society with the wealthy leading the way. Just as a computer cost $5,000 or more when they first became available, now they are less than $500. This is so as the rich saw their value and then others saw it. The demand caused producers to find ways to produce them for lower and lower costs - still providing the value and even adding more value as they learned they could and wanted to attract buyers to their products. Now even the poor have computers.

The government can provide none of this thing. When it comes to the economy, it is a parasite. It doesn't produce in the economic realm of life. It only sucks the life blood out of it. And it depends on people willing to SCREW YOUR NEIGHBOR in order to do it. Every intervention, be it regulation, licenses, taxes, you name it, is an infringement on freedom and a drain on life force. Yes we need a government, but only to provide justice and protection, and that only if grounded in protecting individual rights - the right of every man to be an end in himself. The right for him to live his life, enjoy his liberty and pursue that which has, by his choice, his life worth living.

Down with SCREW YOUR NEIGHBOR politics! It's poison. It's deadly. It's divisive. There is nothing more obscene than watching Washington indulge its greed for power and money. And it does so because those who support it want that for themselves. They are willing to SCREW THEIR NEIGHBOR for it and this is causing a battle for life and the principles which govern it itself.

Freedom produces abundance. Statism - government control in any of its forms - leaves us with the opposite: diminished everything - including good will. How can you trust your neighbor who is sucking up to the government to take what you have earned?

The American ideal of freedom and the trader principle is what we want for ourselves and offer the world. This we must uphold and it is worth a fight.


principlex said...

It's my opinion that Obama and the Left are getting nervous and desperate. Obama was in Minneapolis making statements that made no sense and preaching to the choir like a revival minister.

A couple points he made were these: Half the people over 65, he said, would lose their health insurance in the next 10 years and this would be a catastrophe for any family. Thinking about this, it doesn't make sense to me. Is he planning to jerk their Medicare? Are they going to die? What is the basis of his statement? He then used this supposed horrible fear to herd people into supporting his health care plan - a plan, by the way, which no one really knows what it is going to be.

He also said that the results of the government health care program would be his baby and that he was responsible. He was playing "the buck stops here" card. For one thing, the program isn't to go into effect until after the next presidential election. Since there will be no results until the program begins operation and that is after the election, only his passing it or not will have any effect on his potential election in 2012. If he wins the next election, he will be a lame duck and it won't make any real difference insofar as how the program is operating - insofar as his political aspirations are concerned. Further, he promises to own it - in the future. And there is yet to be one shred of evidence that he will take responsibility for anything. He always finds someone to blame, often Bush or Limbaugh or Beck or Fox News, which only works for people with the victim mentality. It doesn't work for people who are responsible.

Then late tonight I was watching CNN, which I normally never do, and I was totally shocked at their segment on the Right. The Right was portrayed as nothing but racists and crazy people. They had clips of people on there that none of the talk show hosts I listen to or Fox News would ever let on their shows. I've heard, especially the talk show hosts, cut people off in mid-sentence if they reveal themselves to be a nutcase.

After the show I heard tonight, I think that CNN is in a race war - without there being another side to that war. They were whipping up racism as the real explanation of the Right like crazy. I was really surprised. I guess Janeane Garofalo really is their spokesman on these matters. Jeez!

It was like they cannot hear that someone could be worried about the government getting its nose in one's private decisions in the health care program or that one could be concerned with the inflation and taxation that must follow all of this inordinate spending that is going on in Congress. All they can hear is that the right is motivated by racism. Wow! Now that is really being out of touch.

One thing I read about the Washington march today was that the place was left without a shred of trash. It all was picked up and put in trash cans when the people left the streets and the mall. This doesn't even compare to the trashing of the Denver stadium at the DNC convention or the Washington Mall after the inauguration. Both of those times the sites were left in a terrible condition.

All of this tells me that there are two entirely different mindsets that govern the Left and the Right.

principlex said...

I was listening to the President's statement yesterday about "being on the spot" for health care's results and was struck by his narcissism. Who cares whether he's on the spot? The point is what is happening to health care for you and me? And the bottom issue is: Do we own and have control of our lives or are we at the use and disposal of the government? Are we free men or are we slaves? That's the bottom line.

principlex said...

This published in the WSJ today. Government lives on the backs of productive citizens. This is an indication of the greed of government. Yet, Obama criticizes business as if it were the greedy ones. By this measure, not true. SCB

The Cato Institute's Chris Edwards commenting on the institute's Web site about a new report on federal employee pay levels from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis:

The George W. Bush years were very lucrative for federal workers. In 2000, the average compensation (wages and benefits) of federal workers was 66% higher than the average compensation in the U.S. private sector. The new data show that average federal compensation is now more than double the average in the private sector. . . . It's time to put a stop to this. Federal wages should be frozen for a period of years, at least until the private-sector economy has recovered and average workers start seeing some wage gains of their own. At the same time, gold-plated federal benefit packages should be scaled back as unaffordable given today's massive budget deficits. There are many qualitative benefits of government work—such as extremely high job security—so taxpayers should not have to pay for such lavish government pay packages.

Robert said...

I think that what Obama said about seniors losing their insurance plans was two-fold: many of them will die and many will be forced off of the Medicare Advantage Plan which is a private plan that is very popular among seniors. The new Health Care Plan will outlaw this plan in order to "save" money.

This means the seniors will lose their insurance because of Obama's Plan. Kind of deceptive, don't you think? I don't know of any other reason why seniors would lose coverage unless, of course, he plans on making sure they do by controlling the costs of Medicare and denying coverage to seniors.