Thursday, September 17, 2009

The REAL New World Coming

Today here at PJTV is a video pointing to what I think is the biggest breakthrough of a social/cultural/political type that has happened in 80 years.

Ever since the Roosevelt's New Deal, America has been instituting social programs. They are sold on the idea that they "help" people. The question and glaring contradiction that has been here all along is "If government programs to help people is a GOOD thing, then why must they be forced?" Why must government make them mandatory?

The screaming contradiction in this idea is that when a person is forced to do something for another or even himself, it can no longer be considered the good. A good is opposite a bad. One has choices and he chooses the good or the bad depending on the requirements of his life as he sees them. Whether it is good or bad for his life, or culturally good or bad for society in general, shows up in the consequences. He may think it through or just feel like doing it, but where the rubber meets the road is in the results.

When force is introduced into the picture, the person forced is prevented from being good or bad. Given that the alternatives are eliminated, he must do what he is required to do.

And, the force is there to prevent him from doing what he may have wanted and thought was good. Further, doing a forced "good" devoid of the life force invested in achieving a good is itself bad. The entire reason for doing it is stripped from the actor. Given this, the results of a forced program are dehumanizing, i.e., stripped of what it is to be human, and are ALWAYS bad.

We see this in Government Education. People know that it is compulsory. In a free society, if people went to school, the reason they were going would be paramount and a topic of conversation. That entire conversation of purpose which would naturally be there is eliminated by the compulsory nature of Government Education. And, this directly affects the results produced by Government Education.

Force eliminates everything of value. Value is something which one seeks to gain and/or keep. It can be anything - an internal state or a result in the world. When one takes an action to achieve it, he is in the process of producing that value for himself. And this is the life force - the spirit and the body in action. It is the essence of what life is, a process of self-generated action to maintain life.

The bombshell of the video I cite above is that it reveals the results of the trapped underclass. The videos exposing ACORN show that. Two young people had the idea to pose to an ACORN agency wanting to get a house which they were going to use for prostitution. They had a secret camera which they used to film the interaction.

The videos produced have revealed that the ACORN workers have no distinctions as to what is moral or immoral, legal or illegal. In fact they offer advice as to how to get around the government so they would not get caught. The prostitutes were to be girls brought in from El Salvador. They were underage and illegal immigrants. One of the ACORN reps said this was good because they would not have a social security number which could identify them. None of them raised even an eyebrow. The ACORN workers gave advice on how to avoid taxes and set up their business under the radar. In a video taken in a San Bernardino office, a worker felt so comfortable with the two posers that had come for advice that she admitted to shooting her husband in the head because she was scared of him.

These people have no moral compass whatsoever. How did this happen?

What is now being revealed is that America's social programs have trapped people in dependency where making good choices makes no difference. Being trapped in these programs slowly sucks the value of valuing itself out of these people. What's the use anyway? So an alternative universe grows up in these communities - a universe that has a completely different set of values than people oriented to reality and achieving values. These values are false values in an attempt to have some power in a shattered world. One could say that these programs cause entire communities besieged by mental illness.

And THIS is the big realization. THIS HAS BEEN CAUSED. It is not how healthy people operate. And, it is not how free people operate. And to cause this is "criminal" even though cloaked in government sanction. People care more for their pets than the "do-gooder advocates" care for the people that they vote to be taken care of.

The implication of this is that freedom, the freedom to make choices - even bad ones - is a requirement for being a healthy human being.

Although both political parties have been involved in these travesties - Bush expanding government control over our lives in many ways - the Democrats have been involved in this for years and right now have taken it on in spades. The Progressives openly advocate producing what they see as a good society. And now the latest program in the years-long chain of programs is Government Health Care which would have us all come to be like this underclass.

Without freedom to make choices, people become morally stunted. Because they cannot choose, they lose the capacity to make vital choices (choices which affect one's life force and desire for living) for their lives. The results are graphically before us.

This is what I think evil looks like. When the course of one's life makes no difference to oneself, the distinctions for living a vital human life are lost. We have certainly seen its face in these videos.

A Second Major Point

The other thing that is so apparent from the ACORN videos is how helpful and related the ACORN representatives are. I read one comment on an article about these videos that said "I know that woman (the one in the Maryland video) is evil but there is something about her that has me love her." This factor is the way she is relating.

This ACORN woman passes all of the relatability tests. She's there not to pronounce judgment, as none of the ACORN representatives shown in the videos did. And she is there to have things work. She has no moral compass, accepts the ACORN mission and gets busy. She never deals with the content of what the posers are saying to her. She simply amplifies what they are seeking. In the case of the one woman revealing her killing her husband, this was an effort to tell one on herself in order that the posers would feel free to talk and relate.

This is the major lure now used in our society. Oprah is good at it. President Obama is good at it which is one of the major reasons that he is attractive to so many people. I understand this and feel the pull of it too.

The other big bombshell of these videos is that relating apart from content is not the purpose nor the meat of communication and anyone who takes it to be is doomed to being a wayward itinerant through life. Further the person who understands how to use relating to cause results in other people finds himself in a position of using other people. This is about as quick an avenue to abuse as one can think of.

The area of knowledge that the study of relating falls under is ontology, the knowledge of being. It comes out of the existential school of philosophy and has been integrated into much of our society. It is the false idea that if you relate to people in the right way that nothing else matters, that you can get them to do anything. People can relay to you the most horrendous stories and a part of you wants to say, "Aren't you sweet."

This philosophy has given rise in this era to the idea that government control can be accomplished sugar-coated. And it is this belief which has given the Progressives new life. Where it runs aground is not in its way of relating but in the fact that the government seeks to control human life at all - that it somehow has the right to tell people how to live their lives.

This video is going to have far-reaching effects in both areas and portends a REAL new world coming, a world with more concern for what's real and more political freedom.

(This is related to the previous blog post, "The Affirmative Action President Test.")


principlex said...
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principlex said...

Just how "Affirmative Action" has Obama been? Here's an article on his work ethic.

An Affirmative Action attitude is not sufficient for dealing with reality and the work it requires to hew it into something that is a value for human beings.

Robert said...

Regarding ACORN, consider that what they were willing to do for the journalists is also what they are willing to do for anyone who walks in the door needing their taxes done. They will bend the rules to the point of illegality. Why? This is where the mask falls. Their mission is that of Cloward-Pivin stress the system. There may be millions of dollars in lost revenues to the government here.