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Types of Government - Image

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Perfecting the self.
"We" by voluntary association.
Life by agreement and contract.

All property privately owned.
Unlimited resources; Wealth created.
Free trade for mutual benefit.

The conquest of nature.

Emancipation of human energy.

Limited principled Government

Limited by a Constitution.

Constitution protects individual rights, freeing men from men.
Separation of church and state; separation of economy and state.

Morally justified by the Right to Live for One's Self - Life as an End in Itself.

Unstable Mix -- Welfare State

Morally justified by the Greater Good - Life as a Means to Another's Ends.

Man of God



Unlimited arbitrary Government.

Searching for Saviors.
All forms of "us vs. them."

All property owned or regulated by the State.
Resources limited - Perpetual war.
Society devolves to battling ethnic and racial groups.

The conquest of men; Live by permission - slavery.
The control of human energy.

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principlex said...

This list of types of government and the names we hear in relation to types of government was created here:

Know the types of governments.

Limited government – a government limited to protecting individual and property rights. It is a government that bans force except in the areas of fighting crime and fraud against otherwise free citizens.

Fascist state – a government of private property where the government selectively tells people how to manage their property.

Socialist state – a government that owns the major industries and decides production quotas for the economy.

Communist state – a government that owns all property and makes all economic decisions.

Welfare state – a government that is based on re-distribution of income from the producers to the non-producers – it requires a coercive state.

Coercive state – a government that takes upon itself the right to make whatever coercive decisions it deems proper.

Mixed economy – an economy consisting of some regulation and some freedom – sometimes also called a fascist state.

Oligarchy – a government ruled by a group or family of property owners with the ability to create monopolies that restrict competition in favor of the ruling elite.

Republic – a government ruled by the people but forbidden to engage in any coercive activities. The government can only function in protection of rights with most officials elected and given only limited powers - sometimes called a limited government. A Republic selects people to leadership who are presumably the most deserving and judicious.

Democracy – a government where majority decision rules in all areas including capital punishment for any reason. Coercive governments often use the cover of a “democracy” to engage in persecution of citizens who dissent.

Theocracy - a nation where the government is a religion.

Anarchy - a situation where there is no government.

Plutocracy - a government where the wealthy rule - similar to an oligarchy.

principlex said...

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