Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Terror of Living Under the Bus

Obama was silent.

He said nothing that would support the people of Iran that could be heard around the world. Apparently he tweeted and twittered today to let the people know that he was not wanting them to get hurt. (I can see him doing this on his tiptoes.) Oh, how sweet the tweet.

Why didn't Obama stand for freedom early on? Everyone knows that the Khomenei regime is a vicious theocratic dictatorship fronted by Ahmadinejad. Was it that he wanted to deal with the regime to talk them out of nuclear missiles and that would be his big legacy?

His silence showed me was he would throw an entire nation of innocent people under the bus. For what? Power and adulation. "Screw 'em. I'd rather deal with a dictator anytime." Could there be anything else? Not from what I've seen. Let's see if he can parlay a tweet into world leadership.

His sweet little tweet was his hedge against an ominous future when it looks like his man in Iran is going to show his colors as the true Nazi he is. Anyone that has a hint of a brain knows that whatever deal he might cut with that thug Khomenei, if it should come to that, is worthless. Neville Chamberlain learned that.

So are Obama's plans toast? Doesn't look like he can win. And given his feeble brainpower when it comes to morality, he never could have won.

Don't tell me he wanted to keep the dialogue open. That's a ruse. Bullies like Iran's leadership are always wanting to talk. They are parasites, after all. They have to find blood to live on. Kim Jong-il has done a remarkable job of that. He suckers blood out of us only to up the ante on his threats when he gets hungry.

Where does that leave us? Well, under the bus. Or more aptly, in the back seat of Thelma and Louise's Thunderbird convertible. If we let Obama get away with this, that is where we deserve to be.

Already he has shown that he is a bully at home. He's commandeered business after business in the name of an emergency only to make sure that his supporters are taken care of by stripping bonafide contract holders of their property and their rightful due. He's supported ACORN which is known to be working overtime to stuff the ballot box, by seeing to it that they are well funded. He called them (the pitchforks) out to harrass AIG employees when he wanted to make his point on TV that "regular people" didn't like Wall Street. He's spent the US into oblivion. Now he wants to control industry through cap and trade, or its substitute, EPA regulators. And he plans to tell us what to eat and drink and every other manner of behavior because he will be paying for our healthcare. Throw the doctors under the bus for that. They are mere slaves.

He promised change. I'm choking on it.

Meanwhile he's swatting flies and turning the corridors of the White House into a skateboard park.

This is the Thelma and Louise presidency. The terror is palpable here in the back seat. But, like the people on that fated commandeered flight that ended up in a Pennsylvania field on 9/11, the fear turns to determination once we declare, "This shall be, not that."

And we'd better declare it soon because when we go over the cliff, we will hear his shrill glee. And there will be no freeze-frame ending.

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Robert said...

I think the Iran protests have cramped his style and shown that he is a lightweight who cannot control events with his voice. He had hoped that the dictators would have changed their ways because of his apologies and conciliatory attitude toward them. He didn't care if they were killing their own people; as long as they went along with his plan to be the master citizen of the world. He had always thought they were really good leaders who were fighting against our "meddling". Now he has been pre-empted by the very people who know that their leaders are evil. Events are passing him by because he is still standing on the side of the highway waiting for the evil ones to pick him up.

If the dictators in Iran grind the people further under their feet will he still be willing to talk to them? Would not their suppression of the people prove that they can't be trusted to negotiate anything? Maybe he can make another "great" speech to make himself feel better. Where is this great world leader now? Hiding under his desk, I'll bet.

We are learning these lessons today because we did not elect a man who understands the nature of evil. Our President is learning on the job what McCain learned in Vietnam.