Friday, June 12, 2009

Some Thoughts

Everything alive grows from the inside out. An acorn sits in a fertile environment, puts out roots and then grows a shoot upward. That sprouts leaf and limb until one day it is a mighty oak fulfilling its purpose in its mature form. The same with a human fetus.

The same principle applies to all living things and products of living things. Even a creation of a living thing such as an invention, a poem or a painting grows from the seed of an idea until it is an expression of the vision gestated within. Anyone who creates knows that something isn't right and is wooden if one attempts to force a form upon it from the outside. It grows from the inside out. Frank Lloyd Wright new this and advocated it his entire life.

This same principle is true of societies. One man puts down roots and makes a life. Another moves nearby and they get to know each other. Pretty soon they trade with each other. This happens one man after another until a community has developed. The Constitution of the United States allowed this and that is why we grew into a might expression of liberty.

The reason I and a growing number of others so object to Obama is because he is trying to form the society from the outside in. This is his meaning of "change." He's seeking to impose his will on the country, and even the world, by force and threat. This violates the principle of life which means he is in violation of life. It is not how life works. Life cannot grow and prosper this way.

Is this why totalitarian societies and dictatorships fail? They turn the life principle inside out and it does not work? They reverse cause and effect?

Notice how politics is always concerned with the appearance of things. It is concerned with the outside, not the inside. Politicians are notorious for saying any damn thing to get elected or keep people approving them all the while pulling one shenanigan after another. And this is why thinking people don't trust most of them. Simple, when you think about it. They aren't concerned with the inside, the underlying truth of their ideas and the structure for implementing them. They just get the gun out and force it, like a square peg in a round hole, and don't respond to the nature of things and how they work.


I feel sorry for blacks who are beginning to see that Obama is not the man they fell in love with. They pinned hope and happiness on this man.

You can see this in Juan Williams, who often appears on a panel during the last 20 minutes of the Fox Political News program at 6:00 p.m. He so wants Obama to succeed that he twists himself into a pretzel to find an explanation that gives him the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes he has to just own that what Obama is saying or doing doesn't work. He looks pained and it is painful to watch.

It must be like falling in love with someone that you realize isn't good for you. It's hard to let go because the love was so delicious in the beginning that you let him into your heart.

I know what it is to be caught in this kind of bind. It's distinctly human.

Never underestimate the power of superficial qualities.


I'm so tired of the argument that says Terrorists are the way they are because they are poor or uneducated and therefore we should cut them slack. We should feel empathy for them. This argument has also been made about blacks because of slave ancestors and the poor in general in this country.

This is so lame. The main reason it is so lame is that does not attribute these people as fully human. It doesn't treat them as though they also use their minds, albeit maybe poorly, inconsistently and for irrational values, to achieve the values, rational or not, that they want.

This reasoning doesn't treat people as though they possess choice. You do not have to be educated or rich to understand what work is or honesty is or honoring someone's property is. Those morals are in every society no matter how primitive.

Let's stop the pretense and the arrogance of acting like these people are not people. They are. They know how to build bombs for God's sake! They can learn to operate within the same principles that you and I live by. Treat them so and this will instantly bring them into the community of human beings.

The foreign policy and government programs that are justified for this reason are a disgrace and demoralize human beings everywhere. Get over its already!


I think America is living through a Reign of Terror. No, not the terror of tanks and machine guns turned on the people. Rather the terror of "change" covered by a velvet mouth.

The terror is the stripping of people of responsibility - breaking the link between cause and effect, between the actions one takes and the consequences that follow - information that is vital to human survival, let alone a country's.

Obama is replacing it with a new criteria: Do you love me? Will you follow my dictates? Don't forget, "I am kind."

NO? OUT!!!

"You shall be relegated to the realm of non-humans."

The first salvo was the meeting with bankers where Obama pulled the old protection racket tactic. "I'm the only thing between you and the pitchforks. Do as I say."

There are so many of these examples that I don't remember them all. One was the court dismissing accountability of the states to clean up their voter registration list and prevent illegal voting. The court negated two attempts and gave a pass, except for a tiny slap on a thug's fingers ("Don't carry your night stick and guard the voting booth through 2012"), to intimidation at the voting booth.

All of this coupled with the growth and discovery of the rampant illegal actions of ACORN and his continued support of ACORN tells me that he is up to destroying the validity of the democratic process.

Then he arbitrarily stripped the holders of primary debt in Chrysler of their rights. He stole their property and gave it to the unions - all for political patronage. In that action, he destroyed the principle of peaceful agreements among men and used his gun to get his way. This is not justice. This is nothing except goddammed thuggery. Pure and simple.

Today O fired an Americorp Inspector General. He does not have that power because the IG is designed to be above politics and inspect according to principle and objective evidence. He fired him anyway.

He urges great speed in passing the laws he wants and fosters these bills not even getting read or put out for public discussion.

Yesterday I read that the strategy for his beloved healthcare plan is to work out the details in secret, print it and then pass it before the public has time to review it. Railroading is his modus operandi. (Congress, including my local representative, John Lewis, is just as culpable in this kind of politics.)

He also has Sotomayer on rails insofar as that is possible.

For these reasons alone, where he is overturning the purpose and means of Finance, Law and Legality, Voting, Industrialization primarily in the Auto Industry, the Medical industry, Education and many other sectors of our society, Obama is a menace.

Ingenuous is not a strong enough word for Obama's character and actions. He hates America and the principle it was founded on.

Many Americans are feeling like they are experiencing the battered wife syndrome. Obama at home bashes Americans and the basics of American life and abroad apologizes for his "wife's" behavior all the while sucking up to every thug out there. All in the name of peace and calling forth a dialogue.

The syndrome goes on because people want to believe him. "Maybe he will be nice next time." "Maybe he will honor me next time." We are learning that he doesn't and he won't.

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Rob Diego said...

I think Obama's war is with the "system" they way it was designed. In his view, the "system" is the problem and he will do what he needs to do to get control of it and "fix" it. This is the mindset of a fascist dictator.

Until we find a way to make him a lame duck, we will have a hard time "fixing" everything he is breaking.