Thursday, April 9, 2009

Why an American Does Not Bow to Kings

Obama violated a principle of being an American. He bowed to the Saudi King. Why?

As leader, he deals in symbol and meaning. Like it or not, he has that role and whatever he does is interpreted thusly - for good or bad.

An American is a free man. He conducts himself as an equal with all men, neither better nor lesser. Every man, including himself, in an American's eyes, has a right to his life. He does not exist by the permission of any other man nor does any other man exist by his permission. For this reason, he meets people head on.

What was your purpose, Mr. Obama? Why did you not approach the King as an equal?

The fact that the White House said he did not bow is unacceptable. Are we no longer to believe our eyes? Is that dictated too?

My take: I do not see Obama as an American in his sense of life. He has not once mentioned individual rights nor freedom. Never. He speaks in fog-bound terms of fairness and workers accentuating the weak over the powerful. He deals with people in one of two ways: I have more power than you or you have more power than me. ("Hey, I won!")

Notice, he never admires a person for his achievements. Rather he draws attention to people's miseries and failures.

He is not nor will ever be a leader of all the people. He is mentally unable to do it. He cannot conceptualize that all men are equal in the fact that they are men and have a right to their life and given that, are unique.

His moralizing (intimidation and guilt) and dictatorial pronouncements (force) - power over others - is the only way he can deal with men that frighten him. It's either that or bended knee. He is showing us his orientation to people and to life.

Adulation means everything to him. When that is present he is momentarily free of his internal battle - me vs. them. It's pathetic.

America, we have a Boy President!

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principlex said...

Now he has others doing it. Brian Williams of NBC News. Jun 3, 2009.