Friday, April 10, 2009

Shut Up

As we get closer to the Tea Parties next week, the dynamic is getting clearer. The Left is scared of cowboys, guns and Christian fanatics, their caricature of people who want to live in freedom and have their property respected - not taken from them and given to those that don't have it, in the name of "fairness."

Rather than confront these issues intellectually and in debate, the Left smears, works to destroy people (witness Palin, who they have treated hideously and their attempts with Limbaugh and many others) and if necessary, call out the ACORNiacs, the pitchforks, for a demonstration. During the campaign no one could say anything against Obama that wasn't interpreted as racism by someone on the Left. In the universities, the sacred home of the Left, the dialogue is very restricted by rigid politcal correctness. A documentary, Indoctrinate U, demonstrates this in spades. Shut up! names the issue and is empowering from the standpoint that someone has finally named it.


Joanna said...

Thanks for the info on "Indoctrinate U"- I hadn't heard of it before now. It looks very interesting, but one thing snags in my craw.

Lou Dobbs and the director said it was ironic that Berkley and Colombia are so intolerant of different ideas when they were the birthplaces of the Free Speech Movement of the 60s. Irony isn't at all the proper term: the current state of our universities was precisely the intended result of the FSM. With a cuddly PC title that masks its sinister reality (just like the "Fairness Doctrine"), the Free Speech Movement was all about saying "Free speech for us- but if you disagree with us, we'll attack you."

If this documentary perpetuates the fraud of coloring the Free Speech Movement as some peaceful idealistic student push towards rational debate, its message is going to be inconsistent and unconvincing.

principlex said...

It's not presented in the way you "hope" it isn't. It is about different situations where students who designate themselves as conservative were stopped from harmless activities by people, including university authorities, who were unwilling for them to speak their beliefs or listen to someone with a view that they wanted to find out about.

I have to say that until I read the posting linked to by "Left is scared" above, I didn't realize that their hyperbole and nastiness is motivated by fear. And, this fear is not fear of particular people in particular situations. This is an irrational, pervasive fear with roots in knowing at some level that one is unable to think - be rational. My suspicion, having explored irrational fears that I've possessed, is that it is a place in one's psyche rooted in an incident where one has no control. The consequent fear is an attempt to control one's environment such that one doesn't have to ever confront that kind of fear again. It doesn't work, by the way.

FYI, I'm not a conservative. I'm a radical for freedom, i.e., capitalism, which means that I come to it from the fundamentals of human nature and as a consequence need to live my life according to the requirements of my identity as a human being. Although there is practically an infinite array of choices that I can make, to have them work for me, they must be inside how I must operate if I want to live a happy, successful life. See a former blogpost entitled: The Constant and the Variable.