Friday, April 17, 2009

The Republicans Are Not Big Enough for Freedom

And the Democrats are virulently anti-freedom!

As the Tea Parties have unfolded, I have been disgusted with the talk emanating from Fox News - especially Sean Hannity. Although he pretends to not be beholden to the Republican players, which may be true, he advocates "conservative" values associated most strongly with the Republicans - you know, the ones who went belly-up on November 4.

At his broadcast from Atlanta, one of the first things he featured was a little girl's sign - "Keep Your Hand out of My Piggy Bank." And practically ever other sentence had the phrase "leave our children and grandchildren's money alone" or "we don't want this debt for our families, our kids and our grand-kids." He loves to speak of "future generations" and "generational debt."

Newt echoed this in New York City, although not as much, but still unable to get to the heart of the matter.

All of this misses the point and distances me from these people working so hard to be a spokesman for liberty and the sanctity of one's property, the essence of the tea party demonstrations. The truth? They are not up to the job.

By the way, I did not get that the Tea Party was Republican or Democrat. I got that it was producers, people who work for and earn their living. My experience of them was that people were bright, friendly, courteous, funny, serious and above all, safe. For sure, they had no attributes of a mob - far different than Obama's contrived ACORN demonstrations.

Freedom mean one owns his life and his property, starting with his body and building whatever he can for his life. He chooses his purpose(s) and gets to work. He keeps what he earns and keeps on building. It's not a difficult concept.

Freedom is valuable for people without families as it is with those with families since it is, bottom line, the freedom to use your own mind for your own survival. But above all, it is not for future generations. It is for right now - for my life while I'm living - not what I hope some niece, nephew, kid or grandkid will do with his life. That is up to him. If I want to give somebody's kid or my kids a good start, I do so because that is MY value. That fact has nothing to do with my kid's values. It's my life right now that counts and is my access to my bringing forth my vision which may or may not include future generations.

The Soviets sold socialism on the future great society that they would become. So has every tyranny. Hannity is right in line with this idea. Further he is a collectivist, just as the socialists are. He touts family, country and old-time religion and wouldn't hesitate to advocate a tax or pass a law (i.e., use the gun to compel you) for these values regardless of your right to your life and property. For him it is a matter of degree, not a matter of principle.

One of the most disgusting stories to come out of the wars in the Mideast is how the Muslim warrior sends a child or a women into the line of fire counting on the enemy to withhold its fire. This gives him the opportunity to kill you while you are dealing with yourself about what to do. Sometimes the "innocents" carry the bomb.

Hannity sends out his "innocents", unwilling to powerfully stand for the value of his own life as an end in itself. He trots out his stories of kids and future generations like that is what our lives are for. Well, he's wrong. His story is the one he thinks we cannot refuse.

Of course, the Democrats are masters of this. They too are no better than Hamas. Practically every speech of Obama and Hillary during the campaign started off with a sob story. Yup, put those "innocents" out there.

Where are the real men? The real individuals who can stand for something? Haven't we had enough of snakes in the grass?

I didn't see this at the Atlanta Tea Party because I left before the Hannity program began. I decided to watch it on TV. Later, a friend told me he was planning to watch Hannity a bit before he left, but when the crowd began yelling "Hann-i-tee, Hann-i-tee,...", not unlike "O-bam-a, O-bam-a,..." and all he did was lap it up rather than redirect it into "Lib-er-tee, Lib-er-tee,..." or something the crowd was there for and, allegedly, he was there for, he had to leave. This convinced me that Hannity and others wanting to direct the Tea Party protests are off - WAY OFF!

For him, a tea party is an afternoon chat where you have eat little spread-filled, crustless white bread sandwiches and drink tea. For Liberty's sake, Hannity, go home and stay there.

The Tea Party is about Individual Liberty and its concomitant, the Right to Own Property and use it only for one's own purposes. Individual Liberty is the name for the value and of what freedom consists. It is the freedom to act in society according to the dictates of one's own mind so long as one does not violate that same right of others. The Right to Property is the structural and real means for that to happen. It's my life and what I earn is my property - all of it. That's it and that's all it is. Everything else having life worth living - and there is a miraculous abundance of stuff including world peace - follows.

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